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Yeah, My knees are beginning to bark too

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I have slight arthritis in my knees, but it did not bother me last season, when I skiied more vertical feet than any year in the last 30.  I put a dollar store stretch thing on my knees and I take some Aleve when I ski, but no pain or discomfort.  


This spring though, my right knee got very sore after moderate bike riding.  Most years I try to ride 1000 miles and this year barely 300.  Going down stairs seems to offer the most discomfort.  I am 59 but not overweight and in decent shape.  


One unnecessary recent complication, was a bicycle fall which fractured my femur, but that is 98% healed.  I have done specific exercises to strengthen the injured leg, which worked fine, but the knee on the non-injured leg is now worse than ever.  


Any suggestions for exercises for the leg.  Right now I cannot do squats, and in fact I can't get out of a chair without using my arms. 

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Are you sure that its arthritis at this point or is it possible that you have some damage?

I'm guessing that the added stress of using the "good leg" when you fractured your femur, may have created some undue stress on that knee?  


At this stage you may need to eat foods and/or take supplements that support joint structure.


As always, YMMV

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I had similar issues with both knees in the past 4 years. The problem in both cases turned out to be a torn meniscus. Favoring the injured leg caused a loss in muscle in that leg and problems in the good one. To build the injured one back up I used the incline ramp on my Total Gym. It made it easy to regulate the stress on the knee as the muscles were being built back up without causing issues anyplace else. An MRI is the only way for the Dr. to see the problem. If you haven't had one done on your knees, I would suggest you ask for it. Good luck.


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As JW MN implies, it's sketchy to diagnose this stuff over the internet and if you have good health insurance maybe a doctor visit/MRI is the safest bet to decide whether exercising your way through this is correct approach.  I've had similar problems with one knee.  I'm almost your age.  For me the cycling is what makes it better.  When I stop regular cycling the knee gets stiff and occasionally unstable.  I had an MRI a couple years back, however, and the doc told me there was nothing structurally wrong, just age-induced "slight arthritis".

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Having a hurting knee just before ski season is really frustrating.  I’ve been there too.  Unfortunately, knee problems can be complex.  Your pain can be due to meniscus tear, arthritis, inflammation, patellar tendonitis, bursitis, a loose body, IT band syndrome, patellofemoral syndrome or a variety of other issues.  Some of these problems can be helped with exercise and others can’t.  Proper diagnosis will be necessary for getting the proper treatment.  I’d suggest seeing your physician and a physical therapist.  In the mean time, consider using Voltaren cream two times a day, Advil for a couple of days (if your stomach can tolerate it) and you might even try taking glucosamine and omega 3.  If your pain is due to some sort of inflammation, these things might help after a few days.  Try rolling your IT band on a foam roller and doing some gentle stretches for your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and psoas.  Good luck.

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I'd agree with Candianskier.  It could be a number of things.  ITB is my problem and that is managed by the foam roller, a bit of stretching - and for some really odd reason, running (!?!!?).


I went to a Miotherpist and had a bunch of deep tissue massage, dry needling and got a program of stretching to work on.  It seems to be a hell of a lot better now, and I can tele all day without knee pain most weekends.

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Teddy -


I've got a great exercise for the whole knee area. It really strengthens the muscles around it and has been really affective for me.


Backwards, high incline treadmill walking.  It is definitely low impact and has reduced my knee pain dramatically. 


Start with 3-4 minutes at 2MPH / 15 Degree incline.   Move up from there.


It really helped me.

Good luck!

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I agree with the suggestions above to see a good sports med doc. Is the pain on the outside of the knee? The pain you're describing sounds like it's probably IT band issues (but again - get checked  by a pro). If so, physical therapy can help, as can foam rolling the hip and body of the IT band (not at the painful point though), and probably most importantly, strengthening the glute medius (outer rear of your hips). Mini band exercises  are great for this.



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Good suggestions all.  And I will try some.  No MRIs for me as I metallic implants in both hips.  


(That sounds like a big deal, but it isn't as I have skied about 15x a year on these guys for 8 years) I just consciously subjugate the ego.  Yeah, I could ski that, but I won't, at least not today. Yeah and I am a wuss, a major wuss, but I'll see ya at the bottom.)  

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