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Finding the right all mountain ski

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After years of renting demos - and skiing 10-12 days per year I am now going to buy some skis.  I ski more by the calendar than conditions (when I can get time off) - and ski all types of conditions - bumps, powder, crud, groomed, trees, steep etc.  I would consider myself intermediate/advanced - I can take most runs - just want better form and control.


I have demoed Solomon Lords, Head iPeak, and a few others over the past few years.


I am looking for a ski that I can:


-Continue to improve on - turns, form, etc.

-Can handle various conditions

-I can use for 5-10 years without outgrowing it in terms of ability

-Can still handle speed when I ski with friends who are better than me so I can keep up and keep in control


I am thinking about the Head Ipeak - either 82 or 88's - I can't remember which ones I demoed - but what will the differences be in the two, and which would fit my needs better?


Also came across some Nordica Jet Fuel 2010-2011's for a good deal - but have never skiied on this ski and wonder if its right for me or too much ski for my ability.


Appreciate general suggestions - and any specific comments on above skis that I am considering.  Thanks.

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Where do you ski EC suggestions are going to be different from the PNW etc. etc.

Height and weight, possibly age would be good to know too. 


The new blizzard flip cores are getting a lot of buzz this year and seem like a very nice ski. I've also heard decent things about the volkl rtm's if you are looking to be more front side oriented. 





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Ski mostly in the west - Colorado, Tahoe, and Arizona - and spend more time in bumps, trees, and bowls vs. frontside - and of course powder if I can find it.

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Also - 6'1, 190 lbs. - 40 years old.

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Given where and what you ski, I think you will be happier with a wider ski, around 98mm under foot.  There are a lot to choose from in that width, but I would recommend trying the Blizzard Bona Fide.  I skied its narrower cousin, the Bushwacker, last season and was really impressed with how easy it was to handle.  

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i ski on lines now, quick edge to edge ,good grip and forgiving enough so you dont get in the back seat.

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I would like to think pretty much every brand has a nice pair of skis that would suit your needs. If your looking for one ski to do it all, you likely want a 94-102 waist.  The Dynastar Legend 94 is an easy ski to find that reviews well and is cheap if you buy last years model. The Elan Apex and Spire are nice looking skis. I would really like to try the Spire, but am holding out for some Movement Sources, as they have a 94 waist and that fits perfect between my Sultan 85's and TST 102. Besides the reviews on them are really good. The Blizzard Flipcore skis have been pimped to death here, but likely for good reason.  Like I said, there are just a bunch of great skis out there. Have fun shopping.

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