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krypton pro

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received krypton pro,testing without modling

at axial have notice it hurts when i push with leg up.this can be fixed with boot molding?

otherwise boots fits perfect , easy in/out to many option to optimise for ur needs.

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If they "fit perfect" without molding the Intuition(ID) liner then, sad to say, but they don't fit at all. The ID liner should be almost impossible to get your foot into without it being heated and molded, sounds like your boot is too big for you. Check the shell fit with the liner out, then report back.

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I'm in/with the Whiteroom on this one. Do you by meat at the supermarket and just eat it raw?

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im not say "it fits perfect"..

without linner there is 2 finger, 1.5-2 finger larger than my foot, maybe modling will do the job.

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27.5 doesnt fit me, i went at skis tore local, and used to aerro 7.7 dalbello boots it was fiting me perfectly thast why i went with 28.5 krypton pro. i know krypton is stiffer boots and need to be molded thats why im having these issues.

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2 of my fingers makes it a boot which is way too big, but maybe you have very small fingers

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by the way any tips how to change flex and other things on this perfect boot?

i havent see any other boot till now that can be costumised almost 90%..i think so

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its about 1.5 inch - about fingers

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your boots are too big.   molding a liner, or anything else will not solve this.  1.5 inch = 4cm = 2-3 sizes too big.


start with a new boot, dont waste your time.

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27.5 couldnt put my feet on it even without standart liners and wider boot!

own salomon spk 27.5 , had full tilt 27.5 non of them fit my foot! thats why i got this size

i have measure my foot and its 10.5inch or 28cm

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there is no 28 ! only 27.5 28.5 maybe im in the middle of this thats why i have that problem or i dont know ill see when i mold them..

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my foot measures just over 29 on a brannock measurer, i wear a 28.5 shell in the head raptor with a zip fit gara liner and an instaprint footbed, i have about 14 -15mm shell check,  on some models of boot (Salomon impact or quest, Head Vector, for example) i can wear the 27.5 with little or no work to the shell


i really think you need to be seeing a good boot fitter to get this right, sure there are other factors, but we can't see your feet and their flexibility so cannot really give you a definitive answer, other than that from the information you have given the boot you have is too big

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maybe u are right but im talking what i had and now what i own.

27.5 - couldnt even put the my feet on it, on spk always had to remove liner first than put together with the liner, with FT impossible to even try...

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also based on this:


"2. Check the length. Move your foot so that your toes are lightly touching the shell on the front of the ski boot. You should be able to get one or two fingers snugly behind your heel, ½ - 1 ½ inches depending on your comfort level. If you have more than 1.5 inches of space behind your heel the ski boot is too big."

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OK understand you would like us to tell you how to work with your boot that everyone thinks is too big.  Best way to work with it is to return it.  If that doesn't work then next choice is to tolerate loose fit and cramping due to overbuckling.  Sorry but that is simply the way it is.  Boots with moldable (ID) liners feel too tight until they are molded that is why we go by shell fit and not by feel when you try them on.



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many thnx for ur time and support on this thread!

pls check my foot measure and let me know which one is for me

im thinking to go with 

FT seth,Krypton pro,Lange rx130

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Where are you buying them, surely you're now seeing that the boots need to be fitted to you by a professional who will make some orthotics and mould the liners for you, simples innit, find a good one of them(bootfitter) and they will sell you the right boot and do all the work for you.

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