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Wolf Creek Ski Area Opens

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Welcome to the Wolf Creek Ski Area Web-site!

2011 - 2012 Ski Season


Wolf Creek Ski Area opens this Saturday and Sunday with 3 feet of snow; 3 lifts; $33.00 lift tickets! Seniors and Children will be $19.00.


Treasure, Bonanza and Nova will be operating from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM servicing beginner, intermediate and expert terrain, including Alberta Face and Treasure Falls.


Services will include: Ski School, the Wolf Creek Ski Rentals, the BoarderDome, the Upper Lodge and Treasure Sports.


Season Passes are on sale through October 9th! Come up to the Wolf Creek Ski Area ticket office or purchase your season passes on-line, through the mail or over the phone. Season Pass Prices have stayed the same for the past 4 years! Save over 20% by purchasing your pass before prices go up to the regular rate on October 10th!


Wolf Creek Ski Area is now taking applications for all departments.


(There are still some areas of the web-site that have not been updated for the new season but will be completed in the near future!)

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Has anyone posted a TR yet!?  I heard that conditions were awesome for October.

Check out this linkñ-delivers-wolf-creek-colorados-october-8th-opening


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Definitely not a WROD! (Just to clarify, that is not me.  I stole the picture from TGR)




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Has anyone posted a TR yet!?



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