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leki ski poles

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So hes the deal. I am 6'0 180lb and just bought some new skis that are 190cm long. I always have skiied on 175cm skis. The new skis are fatter too.


So I am getting more float and longer skis, so I need longer poles right?


I'm thinking the math is here


height  * 1/3 + ski length * 1/3 + ski width


so in my case I need 135 cm poles. Sounds about right?


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Ummm, no.  I've never heard of anyone using a calculation like that to determine pole length.  If anything the trend has been to go shorter in the past few years.  I would stick to the tried and true flip the pole over and grab it under the basket test.


BTW - What does your question have to do with Leki poles?

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