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Mountain Hardware Kryos jacket

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Anyone offer any opinions of Mountain hardware jackets. I have an opportunity to pick one up for a great deal and am debating. I've been looking all over for reviews of the Mountain Hardware Kryos Jacket with no luck. I have been using a older North Face shell and fleece combo for skiing up until now and I have had some colder days last year that I thought I could have stayed out longer if I had some better gear. 


The DryQ fabric looks to be pretty good. Backpacker Magazine rated a similar rain shell with the same fabric very well a few months ago. 

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If you were too cold on those days, the problem probably wasn't the quality of your gear (unless you were cold because you were wet) but your layering choices.  You should bring at least a few different layering choices so that you can adjust the R factor of your clothing based on the conditions - otherwise you'll be playing 3 little bears every time you hit the slopes regardless of how high quality your gear is.


That aside, I like MH's higher end stuff a lot (their lower end offerings are ok and better IMO than TNF's lower end stuff, but nothing special), but MH definitely tends to be more cut/fit sensitive than some other brands.  You get a lot of comments about MH jackets being too short for some, too trim for others, too tight or high in the armholes, etc.  They happen to fit me great, but YMMV.

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There is an active thread about Mountain Hardware Gloves, and, it contains many positive references to their Gear. Check it out. Mountain Hardware has a great guarantee. Noodler is a big fan and is changing most of his gear to their brand.




Your proposed jacket is an insulated shell with pit vents. I presume it's new this year as I did not see any ratings. DryQ is touted as very breathable, wind  and water resistant, so it's sure looks like a versatile jacket. How warm it actually is can only be speculated upon, the built in hood is a major plus when riding chairs. How much room you leave under it for additional layers is another unknown. My read is that is a warmer jacket, but, not necessarily great for very cold conditions (few are).


Don't know how good your deal is, but, the MSRP is not that high for a quality ski jacket. If you like the style and MH, I'd say go for it. REI carries it and they have a 20% coupon for members.

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I think im just going to get it.


I got an e-mail from Campmor today begging me to come back and spend money there. They are listing it for 245 and I can get another 10% off from the e-mail code plus free shipping. Their return policy is great and I have had great expiriences with my purchases there. It looks like its not the climbing cut so I should be allright with fit but if not I can always get the large.  

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