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Pro-Ski Simulator

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I received my Pro-Ski Simulator yesterday and set it up. Between my son, daughter and myself we were using it last night for over two hours!!! We love it. It is a welcome addition to our home gym. Thanks to Epicski for the killer deal available through  the supporter's lounge!!! The folks at Skiform are the

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any   pictures ?

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Which version did you purchase?


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I purchased the basic model.

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I know this is an old thread, but if you are still out there... I just purchased the basic model... epic ski supporter deal saved me $200... just wondering how long it took to be delivered?  And do you have any advice on using it? (boots? poles? stance?)



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I recently purchased on on October 9, 2012 and had delivery on October 30.  However, the packaging said that the Computer Screen/Monitor unit would ship separately and I still have not received that.  Have sent 3 messages to skiform with no response yet.  Will wait until next week and then work with PayPal and my credit card company to file for a refund.


As for the actual unit, works very well and am pleased with it.  Seems to be of very good quality.  Just would like the whole package that I purchased.

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