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Hmm - didn't see this while I was writing my above reply.  As far as I can tell the US website doesn't list an 11s (and they are not available via the internet from anyone in the US)....


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Finndog: I take that back. On page 14 of this year's 2011-12 catalog they indeed have the Carbon 11S wit the speed, (not slalom) grip. Item 635-6788


This shop in Krakow has them in stock:


And so does this one in the Czech Republic:


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Maybe they aren't making them, but just put them in this year's catalog? th_dunno-1[1].gif


I'd guess instead that they just aren't distributing them in the US.

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Who knows indeed!

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Hey - all you folks you bought Leki poles with trigger S back in 2011-12 --


--  do you still like them?

--  do you like the model you got?

--  carbon, carbon composite, aluminum?

--  slalom vs. speed grip?

--  what the heck is a cobra basket?  a carbide flextip?


I've got Leki poles of about 2008-9 vintage, with the original (plastic tongue) trigger.  The basket is small, and basically worthless for anything other than hardpack.  I think they're racing poles.  I got them along with new skis back then -- this was three pairs of skis ago.  At the place where I bought those skis, they promised free poles with purchase of skis.  These Lekis were the only ones my size, so they gave them to me for free.  I must have given it 20 seconds of thought at the time, since they were free, and were priced higher than the cheap ones they had wanted to give me.  Nevertheless, I've liked them a lot over the years: they're lightweight and have a thin diameter. I also like the clip-on feature, compared to a strap.  But one negative is that when I've unclipped, the plastic tongue is between my pole grip and my glove, and is a distraction.  Also, sometimes snow gets packed into the part where the tongue goes in, making it hard to insert.


So, I heard about the new (newer) trigger S, and now am wondering whether it's worth it to upgrade.  But to which model?  I agree with the comments that the Leki website doesn't go into very detailed descriptions of the various features.


Your thoughts welcome.  Thanks. 

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Trigger S much better than Trigger 1.  Carbon much better than aluminum (noticeable reduction in swing weight, more forgiving).  The baskets are easily swappable.

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I have no such complaints about the Trigger S, except for how easy it is to lose the strappy part and how expensive it would be to replace one.

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I personally like the Super G model. 


It bends around you if you want or need to tuck and the grip ends of the poles are angled in so that your hand are in a perfect tuck position in a high or low tuck, Also like the curve and angle of pole for rec skiing. Trigger S is great. I prefer it with Leki gloves but the straps for other gloves work fine!

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Thanks.  Should I take it that silence (from the other posters on this topic during 2011-12) implies consent?

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I had a pair of Trigger 1 Falcons for many years, upgraded to Trigger S Carbon 14 a few years ago. I probably would not have switched if not for the fact that I wanted to go 5 cm shorter and the Lekis I had could not be cut do to angling under the grips - and I got really nice deal on them.

Trigger S is definitely an improvement over Trigger 1, especially in not getting clogged by snow.

Carbon is nice, but not crucial. I like that they give you  bit more shock absorption if you accidentally make a hard plant, and do not conduct cold when you hold or sit on them on the lift.

I don't understand people complaining about it being so easy to lose the strap. The strap is either over my glove on ski days or left on the pole for storage.


My biggest downside is that I am a bit paranoid about them getting stolen (more than my no-longer-fashionable skis) from the rack and look like an idiot bringing them into the lodge.

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One thing to be aware of:  if you're looking to attach closed pole guards (for slalom gate bashing) to Leki poles with the Trigger S grip, you need to make absolutely sure you get poles with the right version of the grip.  The fairly terrible Leki US website is completely silent about the fact that some Trigger S grips don't have a hole into which to insert the adapter which attaches the top of the guard to the grip.  I think the yellow Trigger S grips have the hole and the white ones don't but I could be wrong.  To make things even more confusing, certain pole models which are sold in the US without  the "slalom" version of the grip are sold in the UK with it.  I spent quite a bit of time going back and forth with Leki in the US on this topic because I was trying to attach pole guards to my son's poles and they were really pretty unhelpful about it -- someone called Karen Kane in customer service just kept repeating that I didn't have the right kind of pole and refused to answer my other questions (e.g. could I use an open guard, could I purchase replacement grips?).  I'd always heard good things about Leki customer service so maybe I got unlucky.  I did get a call back from someone called Greg but he ended up referring me back to customer service which was a dead loss as noted. I do like the poles (my family has three different ski pole models, all with the Trigger S grip, and my wife and I use their trekking poles too).  

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