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Hi All,


I just recently got back into skiing after a 10 year break from age 13-23.  Previously I skiied from 5 to 13 and then I started snowboarding for 10 years.  Anyways, I got bored of snowboarding and started skiing again last year and i forgot how fun it is.  ITS SUPER FUN!  If I were to judge my skill level, I'd say I'm intermediate / advanced.  I have a need for speed, can do blacks fine, and started to get into jumps / tricks.


So, I'm looking to get custom fitted boots and I was wondering if the closest good / great boot fitter is the one listed in this thread


I'm looking at the skinet sports one located in LA.  It's not really updated so I'm not sure how accurate this is still.


So I'm looking to spend 400-600 on boots, is that reasonable to get custom fitted boots (if not, what is?)?  The reason I wanted custom fitted is because I have a problem w/ my shin being too loose.  I wear size 9.5 when I rented and my foot was in pain, but my shin was tight.  However, if I jump to 10, my foot felt fine, but the shins were too loose and I didn't have enough control.  If I lean forward, my heel lifts off the boot as well typically.  When I rented the high performance demo gear, I had everything on the tightest adjustment, so I don't think a regular boot will cut it.


Anyways, I hope this is enough information to get started... any links to reading about gear or information on boot fiitters would be AWESOME!


For now, I'm planning to buy a good pair of boots because that's very valuable to me.  I'll be renting high performance ski's to figure out what brand I prefer for this season.