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slow page loading

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It has been taking 80 seconds to download pages here for a few days now. TGR works fine. Everything else is working fine. Internet speedtest is a smidge low but should definitely not cause this. My IP checked epicski also and said it was slow but did not say how slow. I have windows XP and Google.  

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What is your browser and version?

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windows xp pro and plain old google

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Joal, are you using Google chrome?  If you click on Help, and About, what do you see?  I'm going to guess Internet Explorer 7 or 8, and Windows XP. 


We don't have other reports of slow operation and there are a couple things to try.  Clearing your browser history or cache can help speed things up.  Supporters are able to block ads, and that speeds things up.  If you see the site hanging when a particular ad is loading, that might be something we can get Huddler to remedy too.

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Version 6.  Not Google Chrome. Is there anything else than Google and Google Chrome? I should mention I just got a new tower and everything was supposed to be transferred just as it was but of course it feels like someone moved the furniture a bit.

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Did you go to Win 7 64-bit?  I found that moving old applications to a 64-bit environment was sort of a disaster.  Many I had to rip off and buy new versions.  It sounds like you are using IE 6???  Good grief!  Win 7 must have come with the current version.  Root around and look for it or ask for it to be upgraded. 

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Joal, you are using applications and a Windows XP operating system that seems to have been ported from an older motherboard and disk.  At the very least, your copy of  Internet Explorer is very outdated.  Run Windows Update and be sure to install all the critical updates, but also look at the optional updates and get any hardware drivers and software updates recommended there.  On your computer, just click start/programs/Windows Update or click this link and select Windows Update. 


I understand that updating the computer is a concern, but at a certain point you really need to do it as older programs are no longer supported and become vulnerable to security issues.

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You are probably right. I may have been a little too thrifty (cheap) in this regard.

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