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Bacons vs Helix vs Cochise

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I'm looking for new skis for the coming season.


I'm 6'0 and 165 pounds. i love skiing the back bowls, finding some powder wherever i can and also ripping through the trees. i need a versatile ski that will be lots of fun to take anywhere on the mountain.


i've been looking around at the different skis out there and i've come up with these three.


any advice or comments are welcome to help make this decision easier. if there are skis that should be mentioned that i have left out please feel free to give me your opinions



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Hi Welcome to Epic - Unclear if it's to be your only ski, and how often you get to those back bowls, or where they are. I'm exactly your size and weight, have skied none of the above, but suspect you'd be happiest on the Cochise or d ) none of the above. Personally, if it were my only ski, I'd look for something more in the 98 range, how many days do you actually ski more than 10-12"? Something like the BMX98, Spire, Experience 98, or Bonafide will handle moderate pow nearly as well as the Cochise (better if you're in trees), and be nicer on hardpack or tight chutes with settled snow and scrape. 



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I'm looking for a very similar type of ski as well, and have been doing some research too.  I had my top three narrowed down to the Bacons, the Atomic Blogs, and the Rossignol s6 jibs.  I have gotten a lot of great feedback on the Atomic Blogs, so you might want to check those out as well.  I've heard that the Bacons might be to flexible for me, but I'm 6' 4" and 200 lbs so that probably wouldn't be an issue for you.  There might not be a ton of deep days, so I can see the rationale of getting something in the 98mm waist range.  However, to me the powder days are the ones you want to be able to enjoy the most.  That's why I'm leaning toward something wider.  I currently have the 2009 head supermojo 105's which are 105mm underfoot, but are not rockered and are very stiff so I've been disappointed with their float and now I'm looking to upgrade. 

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