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Rocker length

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I am 5'8" 120lb, an advanced recreational skier.  I ski mostly on eastern ice but make a couple of trips a year out west.  In the east, I ski on Volkl Fuegos 161.  I demo'd Dynastar Exclusive Paradise last year out in Telluride and had a blast on them on the hike to's and in the powder.  I'm ordering a pair of 169's instead of my usual Fuego carver  length 161.  Am I doing the right thing getting them a little longer?

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Hi srimahan!

You're right on the length in this case.  Quite often, it depends on the manufacturer and how they measure their contact length.  The Early rise in the Paradise is gradual, but still enough that you'll probably like it a little longer than your usual 161


Have fun!

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