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Forward lean in ski boots

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I started a thread on this topic in the gear section of Epic, but maybe this is a better spot for getting reliable information.  So here is my question again:


Ski boots come with different amounts of forward lean.  Which skiers benefit from the boots with more forward lean?


Is it something about the body of the skier (range of motion, strength, foot/leg anatomy ....)?

Or is it something about the skiing of the skier (preferred terrain, snow conditions most often encountered, racer ....)? 

Or is it something about the skis (sidecut, binding placement or ramp ....)?

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it is about finding the right balance for you (just like boots come in different widths for finding the right amount of performance vs comfort)   Personal prefeance will effect this too, with some people liking a more upright, or more forward lean.   It is just one of many options in finding a boot that works for you, not a right/wrong answer.

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     Forward lean can be measured (not as an angle) by placing the boot heel against a vertical surface and measuring from that vertical line  to the back of the liner just above the shell.  Many of the current crop of boots run in the 55- 65- 70mm measurement, but some are as high as 82mm.

      A person with a skinny leg will work best (center up) in a boot with more forward lean, on the other hand the opposite is true for someone with a large calf.  The result of being out of place will be fried quads and usually require a small step in order to release the uphill skis' uphill edge to start the new turn.

     This Fore/aft balance issue is the most important part of the equation that you have to get right for each individual, and we are finding that most folks are out of place.  The "right place" is only about 2mm wide(front to back) at the top of the boot shell and is usually only found by trial and error out on the hill, with small incremental changes.  But when you do get it right you will (profoundly) know it.

     Ultimately you are searching for a tibial net forward lean which brings you COM (which is further up the kinetic chain) over the boot sole/ski center.

    Keep in mind, racers are motivated to find ways to pressure the tail of the ski (watch Bodie Miller ski) which most of us find to be a lot of extra work when out free skiing for 6 to 8 hrs at a time.



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Thanks, guys.  I'm seeing a pedorthist who specializes in ski boots this weekend to get my boots dialed.  But I guess what I'm learning here is it's up to me to figure it out on the hill.  I don't really know how to do that.  S

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