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Bozeman Ski Pass Plans??

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Hey all,

I will be in Bozeman for all of this ski season. We moved here last Jan and I was able to ski Bridger/Big Sky (have skied many times over the years) and Moonlight.


I am looking for some feedback/advice from the locals.


I am thinking of buying a season pass at Moonlight. There is a pretty good deal (for here) from Bozeman Deaconess (where my wife works). I was very impressed with the Headwaters area last March/April- and there was some other terrain that was decent as well.

I liked the over all vibe and lack of crowds of the place too.


Big Sky: My favorite, but really cannot justify the season pass prices. Already bought the value card.


Bridger: Sort of a love hate feeling (mostly love). The place is awesome in so many ways-and the drive from Bozeman is so easy, but the 45 minute wait on a Slushy's mid week powder day really turned me off-so many core college skiers-happy for them, don't get me wrong.


So I am thinking:


1) Moonlight Basin season pass (540.00)

2) Big Sky Value Card 50.00 (20.00 off lift tix plus some free days early/late)

3) Bridger Ledgend Card 35.00 (gives you 39.00 tix all season long)


My schedule is weird-I work at a nearby mine and get quite a few days off during the week-if Bridger did not get so much traffic during the week (on pow days) It would be a no brainer


great to have so many choices-Bozeman rocks





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I live in Phoenix but I go to Bozeman roughly once a month for work/play.  I favor Bridger because I can make it from downtown onto the lifts in 30 minutes. I have left at 2 PM and still had a great afternoon workout lapping PK.

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I'm completely biased, but that seems like a good plan.

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Do you travel much?  


Big Sky is controlled by Boyne and they've got some other stuff on their gold pass.  My home mountain (when I am home) is Crystal Mt. WA, another Boyne area.  I get 10 days at:  Boyne (that won't get used), Alpental (yes), Snowqualmie Pass (not so much), Big Sky (that is in the cards), a couple of Maine mountains, and home.  


If you travel Big Sky can have some value.

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