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pain in forefoot

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After years to squeezing my way wide feet into racing boots, I now have the bunions to show for it.  I am lucky enough that I have found good boot-fitters to mold boots to my feet.  


My problem, then, is that I cannot stand to have any pressure around my toes, or my feet scream in pain.  So I need to lock in the boots around my ankles while keeping my forefoot pretty loose.  However, if I go too loose (i.e., too big/wide of a boot), I am sliding around in the shell, leading me to have foot pain.  My boot fitter is getting tired of seeing me, I am sure (10 visits in two years), but I am still trying to get everything just right.


I guess my question is whether anyone has any advice on how to best get fitted since I seem to be an unusual case with a very small margin of error.  I previously tried an older foam-injected Stolz boot, which was really comfortable in the shop, but killed my feet on the slope.  After a lot of adjustments without much improvement, I went to a different boot (atomic B120) that worked pretty well (I am good for about 4 hours before I have to quite).  I tried to add an intuition liner and a cork foot bed to customize the spacing in the B120, but it was a step in wrong direction (added too much added volume).  

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Perhaps it is time to try a different boot fitter?


What mods have been done to your current boots?

What is the width of your feet?

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