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Never Summer Infinity vs. Yes TDF

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So I'm in the market for a new snowboard - woohoo!!


I'm looking for a cam-rocker good for free-riding and deep powder.  I've only ever gone with Burton in the past, but I'm sick of paying a premium for the brand name when I know there are so many other good board manufacturers out there.


Does anyone have any experience of the Never Summer Infinity or the Yes TDF?

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Can't say I have experience with either board.  I generally don't ride women's models, as the waste is usually too small and I kill the weight recommendations by over 100lbs...


Neversummer makes a great quality board here in the States.  From core to finished product it's done in Denver.  They also build super durable boards.  I doubt you can go wrong with it. 


Yes has good reviews over all and is probably not a bad choice either. 

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