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Introduce Yourself [Eurozone group]

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Thanks for joining the Eurozone group.  Be sure to leave a post letting us know you've arrived and where you live and ski.


I'm Tom and live in California, U.S.  My only European connection is my sister who has lived in Heidelberg DE for about 25 years.  I'll have to take her up on the offer to go skiing soon.

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Hi, I'm Prickly, and this feels a lot like a 12-step program introduction. Not that I need a 12-step program or anything, but you know. Anyway, I'm Prickly, I live in Milan, and ski a lot at Madesimo, in the Italian Alps. Boy, it feels good to get that off my chest.

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This was just a plot so I could make you a group leader.  Tag, you're it.

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How do you say "Doh" in European?

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How do you say "Doh" in European?


Greek debt? (rim shot)


And now back to your regularly scheduled OP.

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Ami in Berlin here. Ami is German slang for Yank, so that makes me a Yank in Berlin.


I grew up in Seattle but have been in Berlin for 10 years. Have managed a few trips each year to the alps for the past 4 or 5 years. Plus xc ski trips in Germany and Norway.

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madMads here.


Born, raised and still live in Oslo. Lived up north while in the service, and skied the resorts there then (Narvik being the only one I've put up so far. Excellent BC terrain all over the place). Been skiing since I could walk, as is the norm here.

Apart from Norway I've skied Sweden, France, Italy and Switzerland. Hope to taste US pow this spring.


Yes, I'm a skiaholic ( wouldn't want Prickly with his good taste in WC skiers to be alone ).


Just like Ami I will sometimes strap xc skis on, somewhat reluctantly, but still. Have had some epic xc week long marches while in green, but prefer alpine skiing more. Work with skis on in Oslo.

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This is you, isn't it?


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Originally Posted by prickly View Post

This is you, isn't it?buraas_carrier.jpg

Who squealed?

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Hi, late in joining the party...
I'm Nobody, live in Italy, skied since childhood. The Alps are my terrain, well, in the past seasons Madesimo has been my "home resort" (main/only destination). It is going to change this season, snow permitting, but that'll means I'll ski less with my good friend, Mr. Prickly. Alas!
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Yeah but I may have to do a road trip over your way this season. 

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Scblurlt, aka neilski, located in the flatlands of England, have a passion to ski in all corners of the world , have been lucky enough to ski in a few different countries , adding Japan to the list for 2012, in addition to USA , France and Austria !!!!
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Hey one of you Euro types could start a new thread.  How about, Do the Irish really ski?




And where the hell is Fox Hat?

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Hi I ski in Scotland and Western Europe.

I'm injured, though, recovering from ruptured Achilles Tendon.

I'm writing up my BASI L4 Research Project entitled:

"On summarising some fundamental misunderstandings about ski carving turn-shape.  With suggested corrective action"


So if anyone has a favourite commonly-held misunderstanding, I'd be delighted to hear it.


In the meantime, here's my favourite at the moment.  "Turning Radius"


Does anyone agree with that Wiki Post?



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I'm Marcus, I'm a Brit living in Sallanches (home of the Dynastar/Rossignol/Lange factory) just down the road from Combloux (my usual skiing venue), and half an hour's drive from Chamonix and a bunch of other resorts. I ski a few days every week, happy to meet up with anyone that's around here!

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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post

Hey one of you Euro types could start a new thread.  How about, Do the Irish really ski?




And where the hell is Fox Hat?

You rang?

Tis me, WTFH.


Originally from near Bushmills, now living in Surrey. Due to rogered knees my skiing has diminished over the last few years, but as of a couple of weeks ago, that may be changing. Have skiied in a few places in France, Switzerland, Austria & Italy, along with parts of the US and Canada.

I'm not an expert skier, but I like to enjoy myself.

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There was a time when your post count was untouchable.  I think Trekchick has doubled it or better.  Nice to see you drop in.

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This is Skiprincess from Michigan and currently lives in Switzerland (have been in Switzerland for 3 years now smile.gif).  Though I miss the nice powder in Colorado/Wyoming from time to time, I do enjoy the easy access to awesome slopes and mountains here.  If you stop in Switzerland or need some tips, please drop a line~  cool.gif

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Hi I'm Adie. I live in the North of England where the only reliable snow is in a big building next to the M60. I ski in the Alps, Scandanavia, Canada and Scotland and of course the aforementioned building.

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Hi, I'm Rudolf

I'm 27. Born, grown up and still living in Riga, the capital of Latvia. See location for details :)

I've been skiing since I remember myself.

Mostly ski local hills, but I try to get to mountains once in a while. I feel comfortable on piste. I'd like to think, I can handle anything groomed. Miserable experience off piste.

Have a wife and two boys (2.5 and 8 month old). The oldest boy started to ski last winter - see kids gallery.

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Just discovered this site and the Eurozone section. I am Chris, a keen skier, based (sadly in terms of distance from the snow) on the island of Jersey. However, I own a place in Grimentz in the Swiss Valais, and have skiied many resorts in Europe and in North America, both US and Canada.


I have also been heliskiing since 1991 and hope to get back to Great Canadian in BC soon. I absolutely love the place but it is a big trip over from here.


I have set up https://www.alpinehomeswap.com for fellow owners of ski property who still want to ski elsewhere from time to time.


My favourite resorts in random order: Zermatt, San Cassiano, Kicking Horse, Ischgl, Grimentz/Zinal, Val d'Isere     

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Hi, Lilywhite here, been nosing around for a while but only just discovered the whole group therapy thing!

 I live in the S.E of England, been skiing for about 6 years or 10 weeks on proper snow with many forays into various fridges/dry slopes. I'm stuck on a plateau at the moment but hoping with a few more lessons to take it to the next step.

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Hey y'all ...

Tallula here, Northern Irish (although now anglicised). Ski in Alpe D'Huez every year (most of December and early January annual leave permitting).  Been skiing for god knows how long - only really improved when I joined the Army and got to spend several seasons in the snow. Now I have to work for a living and missing the lengthy winters in the mountains (Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland). Just purchased some White Dot Preachers (169) - looking forward to putting them through their paces. Ski mainly off piste these days but still quite like a well pisted run back to town.


 This is where the excitement begins ... its snowing in ADH and only a couple of weeks to go !!

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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post

Hey one of you Euro types could start a new thread.  How about, Do the Irish really ski?




And where the hell is Fox Hat?

Oi ! - How dare you uphold appalling stereotypes of Irish Skiiers.


We're nothing like the above caricature, we prefer a subtler less obtrusive way of demonstrating our cultural heritage.



As for introducing myself (if anyone is still reading after being exposed to the above)


From Dublin,

First ski experience was Loon Mt VT , and a few similar resorts in MA/VT while on a trip to the northeast.

Skiied Europe (France, Switz, Italy Austria) a couple of times a year ever since, have also skiied in Tahoe, New Zealand (including a little heliskiing), Whistler and Summit County/Aspen.  


Jackson Hole and hopefully Corbets beckons this year.


Favourite resorts ... St Anton, Val d'Isere, Chamonix, in US probably Beaver Creek!

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Hi there!

I am Eyal, from Israel.

I have been reading this forum since 2006 but only now have I discovered this group.

Here I am with my wife in La Plagne, France.

We ski mostly there, in La Plagne, but also in Val D'Isere- France, Passo Tonale- Italy and Blue Mountain - Canada.

Hope to see  you on the slopes


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Hi everyone,

I am Konstantinos, from Greece. (Yes, you can definitely ski in Greece).

I've been skiing and snowboarding all my life and I've lately got into ski instructing, getting my first level Austrian diploma but aiming to go higher.

Nice to meet you all, this is a great spot of knowledge and discussion on our favorite sport!


(PS. avatar pic is me)


Kind regards!

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SchwartzStock here. The handle translates from German to English as "Black Stick". No matter, lived in Germany almost 22 years between Bad Toelz, Stuttgart and Heidelberg. Also did some skiing in Norway. A few years I got in almost 5 months skiing every day or atleast every work day. Completed the German Army ski instructor course at Mittenwald (Gebirgs und Winter Kampf Schule) run by the Mountain Division there. I only ski with mountainering gear (combination bindings/soft boots) these days and currently have Hagen and Lacroix skis.


I joined this site a week or so back and hadn't had a chance to log post and intro. Today I was motivated after looking at the resort map and seeing none of my favorite places. First is the Brauneck located near Bad Toelz, about 50 kilometers south of Munich and the other the glacier on the Zugspitz. My old unit used to start ski training at the beginning of November on the glacier when it was the only game in town (had ski-able snow) and then move to the Brauneck once there was enough there.


In Southern Arizona now so close options are limited. Took my 12 y/o twins up to the Arizona Snowbowl between xmas and New Years and was pleasantly surprised by the conditions for the kids and my who are not very experienced.



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