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Tyrolia SP100 binding

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   i have a Tyrolia SP 100 Demo Track binding on a Park Fat Ski and i want to lift the binding with a binding plate. Does anyone know the correct lifter/plate that i need to use to place under a Tyrolia SP100 binding? I would really like to double the plate under this binding, is it possible?




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Any current or recent pre-drilled Carve Plate/Speed Plate/Ultra Plate from Head or Tyrolia should take an SP100. They come in 13mm and 9mm.

Any shop that mounts Head/Tyrolia/Fischer bindings should have the jig (the 'BASES AND PLATES' jig, or else the venerable 92W jig set to 23cm for Carve Plate models.)


Alternatively a neutral plate like the Head/Tyrolia RDX or something from Vist would work.

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               u r a volcano of knowledge waiting to erupt. Do you know if the SP100 and the SL100 are the similar designed bindings?



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Similar, yes.  IIRC, the SP (SpeedPoint) is the demo version and the SL (SuperLight) is the fixed mount.


Check the Tyrolia Binding Thread at for links to the technical database and such.

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      tanks for info! Where do i get my hands on a 23mm riser?



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The bad news is that they stopped making them.


The good news is that I actually have a pair of 23mm Tyrolia plates that I opened, but never installed, and no longer plan to use.  I think they cost me $35 or so; they're yours for $20 plus shipping.  I won't be able to grab them until I go to the mountains in the middle of the month, but I assume that you'd be happy to get them by Halloween?

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