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K2 Aftershocks came w Demo bindings - am I stuck?

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I got a great deal on a pair of 2011 Aftershock's online between seasons, but didn't read carefully enough, and they came with the Marker MX 12 demo bindings as opposed to the standard MX 12 or 14's they previously came with - my screw up. I'm planning to return - not wild about skiing w/ the demo bindings, both for weight and security purposes.


Am I overthinking this? And if not, do I have any options to get the standard ones elsewhere? K2's website says the bindings aren't sold seperately under any circumstance, so I may need to return them and buy the flat version - then I read that the integrated bindings really improve the ski's perfomance. Any help would be appreciated.



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I wouldn't sweat it.  I've had several pairs of demo bindings and they actually work out great.  The weight is a non issue, IMHO, since (I'm pretty sure) you aren't touring with them and your skiing will be lift-served.  When you say security, I think that also is a non-issue as I can't imagine anyone slipping toe pieces off a track and putting them in a pocket.  If you are worried about them moving on their own and "releasing" you from the ski, I've never heard of that happening, and it's really easy to check if the lever that moves the toe piece is locked in place.


In addition, demo bindings have some great plusses - if you want, you can play around with fore/aft mounting points and see what that does to the feel of the ski.  Plus, lending them out for friends to try is a matter of seconds.  Then, if you sell them, they are much easier to adjust, which might make for an easier sale...

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Thanks. They seem so chinsy though for nice skis. They are all plastic, and have a big knob in the center - anybody have any experience riding with them?


The security issue i should have clarified - was more worried about them being a theft target at the resort. I remember a guy at one of the lifts telling me a while back that thieves target skis w/ demo bindings because they don't need to be redrilled and are easier to re-sell on ebay or whatever. Could have been complete BS though.

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If you are worried there's always Ski Check or a Microlock: http://dakine.com/w/ski/locks

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I skied 12 days last year on a pair of K2 Apache Recon skis that were previously demo skis and have the same exact bindings as the ones on your Aftershocks.  I never had a problem with the bindings, they always felt secure and locked into my boots.  Those demo bindings don't appear to be fragile at all and I'm sure they are designed to take some abuse as demo skis can get a lot of use and some abuse during a ski season.

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I wouldn't worry about it myself.  

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Valet check 'em or use a cable lock like Spokane Mike suggests. The only problem I've seen with that binding (they've been in use several seasons) has been the "big knob" you mention coming off. That cover is held in place by slightly bent metal tabs that can lose their grip. That makes it more difficult to change size adjustments but not impossible.
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