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Oakley Googles

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I got these as a present. Wore them for about 2 hours. They do not fit my face. Absolutely perfect condition.
$50 + $5 shipping

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Very interested.  Do you have model name?  Polarized lenses?

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Ever since Google came around, it's a lot more difficult to type goggles properly - I find myself doing that all the time.
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That looks like the Oakley Crowbar Snow with Fire Iridium lens, $140 MSRP. has them for $120.


I can't tell from the picture if they're polarized.  That would add $80 MSRP.  They also sell an "asian fit" model that I can't identify from a photo.

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Sent pm.  I'll take 'em.


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Got 'em... 10/10 as described, in a bag (as is appropriate).  Thank you very much.

Have a good season.


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