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So I got to try the Sick Day 95 (179 cm) in a foot of fresh Sierra cement, and I have to say I hated them -- they were absolutely wrong for my skiing style.  I like to have my hips ahead of my feet, but as soon as I did this with the Sick Day it felt like the forebody folded on me, in one case sending me head-over-heels.  There's just not enough ski (flex pattern is way too soft) in front of the bindings to support me.

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My Lines are now just for firm snow, Nordica Patrons are now my daily drivers.

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Late to the party on the Head RnR's but I finally got a chance to try mine out late this season in close-to-spring-like conditions.  I had a blast on these skis, and spent a good deal of time in bumps that were softening as the day went by.  While I am no bump expert by any means, I skied better on these than I have on just about any other ski, so was impressed there.  Before things got softer, they seemed to hold a nice edge on the groomed trails, and were relatively unperturbed in the crud. 


Candidly, I really don't care what the skis look like if they feel right under my feet!  Had a few different people comment on the lifts that they had heard great things about these skis, but hadn't tried them out ... I wonder how many people fall into that category?  Really looking forward to spending more time on these next season.

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Pretty typical with a lot of non-race Head skis.

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