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Supporter Price Rollback!

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We reduced the price of the Supporter subscription! You can purchase the Basic membership for $35 OR you can purchase the Basic membership plus get an EpicSki logo ballcap for $45! (You also can add The Complete Encyclopedia of Skiing download for half price!)


What Goes Up...







...Can Come Down!


The price of an EpicSki Supporter subscription has fallen to $35!

We were going to give away an EpicSki logo ball cap to new and renewing Supporters, but we decided instead to charge $10 less for a Supporter subscription!


If you want a baseball cap with the EpicSki logo, we'll cover the shipping and handling. Just order a cap when you sign up for the Supporter membership. If you purchased/renewed a Supporter subscription after July 1, 2011, you're eligible for these savings and may choose to receive a ball cap or a $10 credit on next year's subscription. We'll contact you to get your orders.


Black baseball cap Black baseball cap


This offer is available until midnight Pacific Time, November 30, 2011.

More information about the EpicSki Supporter program

Order your EpicSki logo cap!

These caps feature the EpicSki logo front and center; the side of the cap displays a logo for Slidewright, a proud sponsor of our community!
Slidewright logo


Why should you support EpicSki?

Benefit Non-member Member Supporter
May read the forum check.jpg check.jpg check.jpg
May search the forum check.jpg check.jpg check.jpg
May start threads   check.jpg check.jpg
May post in threads   check.jpg check.jpg
May post ads in Classifieds   check.jpg check.jpg
May attach files to posts     check.jpg
May put live links in signature     check.jpg
May turn off ads     check.jpg
May advertise in Instructor Listing, with badge and Instructor to instructor forum     check.jpg
May access Supporter Lounge     check.jpg
May receive exclusive gifts, offers & deals*     check.jpg
May join our Promotive Group     check.jpg
New! May edit posts without limit     check.jpg
New! May turn off Carousel on home page     check.jpg















* Such as 50% off "The Encyclopedia of Skiing" PDF download and 25% off "Brilliant Skiing, Every Day" by Weems Westfeldt.


"Every day, it's like receiving a new issue of a ski magazine..."

According to one Supporter, "the greatest strength of this place to me is the everyday sharing of knowledge and stoke by skiers/riders and ski biz pros from all around the country and several foreign locations."

Other members become Supporters for more basic reasons: "If it wasn't for EpicSki, I would still be skiing with cold feet!" Who among us can't relate - or doesn't appreciate the fact that 8 of the 15 best bootfitters in the country (according to SKI Magazine) are advisors in our Ask The Boot Guys forum, in addition to being regular community members?

Whatever your reasons for hanging out here, we want you to keep coming back to EpicSki season after season! Your support allows us to add new, high-impact content to the site.


Like EpicSki on Facebook and become eligible to win cool prizes!


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Great news! I have paid 45.00 about a month ago for my Supporter status & will accept an Epic Cap.  Thanks

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I also paid for supporter status ($45) after July 1st. I'd take the credit... do we need to do anything or will it come automagically?

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I will make a note of it Mike. 

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