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My Five Year TR-I'm a lucky guy

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I'm a lucky guy. Life brought about a 30 year layoff from any downhill skiing, Even when I did ski, it was only at the local 1200' knob a couple times a year.  I got a chance to try it again at my sons bachelor party in 2007. So where is a good place to ease into your first turns in decades?









More pictures here




To be continued.................

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Thanks. Well,I remembered how much fun skiing was. Got me some Salomon Hot Chili's and I skied a time or two more that year. In 3/08 I went back to the PNW to meet my new grand daughter. Borrowed some AT gear and the boy introduced me to the back country.




TR here:





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Congratulations! Very cool report.

Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks, it gets better. I spent the next summer buying used skis and BC gear on line. I felt that if it's July and you can't ski, shop for ski gear! I bought some Scarpa lasers from the photog that shoots the Ski Colorado" ads, 3 year old but NIP Shuksans and a used set of Comforts off Craigslist from 2600 miles away. $450 total. And then some Manaslu's and Megarides, and a back pack and another set of Comforts and....


So, 2009. Back to the PNW for the holidays with some skiing in Adams back yard and a short road trip. This is the "back yard".





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2010. That was a very good year. Got two trips to the PNW. First was in February for the Hog Loppet. A 20 mile, mostly downhill ski tour on XC gear with 300+ like minded skiers. We put together a team spanning 3 generations.




TR is here




Then I was able to make a return in June for a 900 mile road trip and some volcano skiing




Full TR with meadow skipping, Rainier, Hood and white water rafting



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Those were great Wooley. You've been holding out on us and now we'll expect more. I looked at every photo gallery, each better than the last. Way to take advantage of the Washington State ski connection. You're redefining grandfatherhood!
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It keeps getting better!! We went west twice in 2011. 1st time for the holidays. It rained 15" in 6 days at Snoqualmie Pass so my son said "Dad, let's  hop in the truck and head east to find some powder".




TR at the Idaho/Montana border



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Then back again in March to meet grand kid #3 and SKI. If you like almost deserted powder slopes, no lift lines, $20 lift tickets and swimming pool sized hot tubs you'd LOVE this trip.





By then Emma had become a pretty proficient 2 1/2 y.o. skier.


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Lastly, one for the Bucket List at Tuckerman Ravine on the last day of May of this year. I heard that they had a real party going up there on spring weekends and I didn't want to miss it. The last time I heard about a big party I didn't go and was sorry and promised myself never again. The party was Woodstock. Anyway, this wraps up my 5 years of skiing to date. Really psyched for the upcoming season.






And although I did have a decades long hiatus from the sport, I did get an early start





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Great TR -  Must have been tempting to go up to Tuckerman's on June 1 just to add another MONTH of skiing to your accomplishments this year.

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Originally Posted by steveturner View Post

Great TR -  Must have been tempting to go up to Tuckerman's on June 1 just to add another MONTH of skiing to your accomplishments this year.

Thanks steveturner, glad you enjoyed the read. Were it not for the hike of several miles and 2000'+ in elevation gain just to get to the ravine I might have. The mind was willing but the body was weak. Hoping to get back to Tuckerman this winter and camp at the base so I have the legs to get to the top. Just so as you all understand, those TR's encompass almost all of my Alpine/BC skiing in those 5 years. I do get to XC ski every day there is snow out my back door so I get my fill of on snow time. No complaints here. "If you can't go often, go big" is my mantra. I'm just lucky to have a son to lead me. Payback time.

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