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XXL PowderSkis - excess length

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Hi everybody - I want to buy me a pair of new powder skis this winter, rocker technology, a fat ski. but my problem is, I am 200 cm or 6,7 tall without bindings and ski boots. so a "normal" powder ski which I can get here in Europe is much too short for me - I am talking about Dynastar, Völkl... I tried those and was not happy at all, I tried to cover it by using extra wide skis or by mounting the bindings a little backwards which helps in good snow conditions but when the snow gets changeable I have to fight for balance a lot. My problem is not my weight - 210 lbs - it's simply my height. my fear with the rocker skis is that even a 200 cm ski might be too short. Then I heared that there are some small ski manufacturers here in North America which build skis for my size. My problem here is that I have absolutely no knowledge about these companies, the only one I know is praxis skis. Can you tell me any other ski manufacturers? Thanks for your help - yours The Shaman

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I weigh the same but am 100mm shorter at 6'3". i was really impressed with the volkl kuros @ 195cm. I got to ski these in bottomless Japow and they were also more than adequate on the groomers. Tight trees were a chore as would be expected.
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Checkout dpsskis.com

Haven't skied either but for a deep snow ski look at;
Lotus 120 in 200cm
Lotus 138 in 202cm
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Lots of choices...


I'm a big Praxis fan. I'd take the bigger size Praxis Powder Board or Protest seriously for what you want. Or if you want to try the cutting edge, look at the 193 Praxis BPS. Having skied the Concept last year, I think the BPS is probably a fairly safe bet for powder skiing - & like the Protest should play decently enough to get by on groomers and variable snow. Praxis preseason sale is still on and the pricing is killer. 


The DPS skis suggested above are cool skis.


Big size K2 Pon2oon. Do not underestimate this ski. The 189 is almost certainly capable of delivering what you want. 


ON3P Pillow FIght. Have not skied it, but saw protos on the snow. I liked the look of how they skied. The Cease & Desist is worth looking at and might sing to you...


Word is that the Atomic Atlas is pretty nimble. The 192 might do it for you.


A 195 Kuro might do it for you too. It is much "more" ski than the 185 (I like the 185 better). Almost insulates you too much from the snow.


(FWIW, I'm 6'1", 200+ pounds & have skied most of the skis I mentioned in a variety of sizes. Family members have skied some others...)


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First, your weight and your skiing aggressiveness are a lot more important than your height. You really don't need a ski much over 192-195 and some skis might be OK for you as short as 185-188 depending on the model. Having said that, your height does have an effect in the way you apply fore and aft leverage to the ski. You might find that a ski with a fairly large amount of rocker in tip and tail, or full length rocker, possibly a fairly soft flex and/or notably tapered tip and tail might need to be a bit longer than say a ski with less rocker or stiffer flex.


In any case, you don't necessarily need to seek out ski brands that you've never heard of or that might be tough to get in Eu. All the Major brands that would be distributed in Eu. make skis in the lengths that you would need. You might need to go into action fairly soon as some of these skis while made in Europe, are not widely sold there and are largely targeted for the US market. If you are in France for example, I'd suggest seeking out a Rossignol S7 or Super 7. both are made in 195cm and at this time of year, should be available through the normal distribution chain. If you are in Gemany, possibly a Blizzard would be easier to get, if in Italy, perhaps a Nordica.



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^^^^ What he said, especially points about aggressiveness and existing Euro models (Atomic Atlas, Kastle MX128, or Blizzard Bodacious come to mind if you're skilled and aggressive).  I'd add this list of NA makers that are agreeable to customizing a ski for you to one degree or the other:


Folsom Skis

Wagner Skis

SkiLogik Ski

ON3P Skis



Finally, Prior Skis and PM Gear have some longer, beefier models (in the 190's) that will easily handle your size.


But it would help if you could describe your skill level, where you like to ski, what skis you use now, that sort of thing. 



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@all,thanks for your help,


I am an experienced skier - ski for more than 20 years -  I adjust my level of aggressiveness to the conditions, the mountain and the ski I ride. I like to ski very steep stuff in powder and therefor I use a quite short ski - Icelantic Shaman in 184 cm, bindings mounted backwards a little - I like the pop, getting spit out of the snow and changing directions while in the air. Unfortunately I can't do big gs like turns on wide open terrain with higher speed - something I also would like to do as I love the speed and g-forces in skiing - as I just feel unconfortable and unbalanced with a ski as short. I bought these skis a couple of years back when we had an incredible winter with lots of snowfall nearly every night - in the end there were over 5m of perfect snow. The mountains I ride have wide open fields on the top and trees from the middle to the bottom, the snow conditions (average winter) in general are not as good as I experienced them at NA, the snow is much more packed by the wind and there are hard and even icy surfaces with powder underneath. Those surfaces crack and when I hit them unbalanced at high speed it's hell and more of a fight than a enjoyable ride, also there are lots of people who freeride so it gets bumpy quite often. So I need a ski I can fully trust at higher speed, being balanced while crushing through the different snow layers, a ski which is also easy to turn and playlike in the trees.

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No personal experience but the movement Super Turbo comes in a 202cm,
at 120 waist, sounds like what you are looking for. Swiss company skis made elsewhere should be easy to find in Europe.
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@turnfarmer, thanks a lot for that advice, ski looks good and i can get it here quite easily

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