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Boot flex and weight loss - please help

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I don't know if there's an easy answer to my question but I'm hoping for some guidance. 


I'm getting back into the sport and need to buy boots in order to ski this year.  My concern is that I'm in the process of losing weight (10 lbs gone, 25 lbs to go) and I'm concerned that the boot flex I get now will be too much once I hit my target weight of 175 lbs.  I want a pair of Fischer Vacuum boots, assuming the bootfitter recommends them for my feet. Given that they're expected to be in short supply I want to get a pair as soon as my local shop gets them.  I don't think waiting until I get closer to my target weight is a realistic option if I want the Vacuums.


I'm 5'-4" and ...ahem...200 lbs (weightlifter who now has all the extra weight around my middle).  Sorry, my ego can't take typing those stats without a comment.  smile.gif  Anyway, I skied 20 years before taking a break for the last 10.  If I had to guess I'm a level 7 skier with good technique unless I'm in moguls or really steep terrain, which doesn't happen all that much here in the east.  Will occasionally ski fast on groomed trails but not 'racer' fast.


My questions:


If 110 is the right flex for me at 200 lbs will it be a disaster at 175 lbs?


As someone whose weakness is falling into the backseat is it better to go conservative with the flex and possibly another brand seeing as the lowest Vacuum is 110?


If this could really impact my happiness with the boot do you recommend skipping the Vacuum and waiting until I get closer to my target weight?



I hope you guys can give even a little advice on this.  I'm not one to change equipment often so I'll have to live with this decision for a while.

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Flex is relative to some variables here.  At 5'4" I am guessing you do not have long lower legs so while the same flex rated boot to a taller guy will feel softer (more leverage to flex boot) it will feel stiffer to you with shorter legs.  


As far as 25lbs making a difference in your choice of flex, I wouldn't worry too much about that and aim for where your weight is now with your choice.  Once you lose the weight and reach your target the boot can always be soften up a bit if needed.


You may want to have your alignment assessed and adjusted as well, because you mentioned getting in the back seat and there are issues which can be corrected with proper alignment to help you find optimum balance and equal access to both inside and outside edges which will ultimately improve your skiing enjoyment.


A 110 flex sounds like a good ball park flex for you.  If you choose to do the Fischers, try to find a shop that specializes in alignment because this boot offers the opportunity to eliminate some alignment issues during the molding process if the fitter knows what he/she is doing!


good luck.

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Thanks for the reply, Bud.  It's good to have some input on this.  I've been thinking the 110 might be a good starting point.  I'll definitely mention the 'back seat' issue to the fitter.

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