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Zipfit questions

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From my research, it sounds like the heat-moldable cork/clay liner material in the Zipfit would be perfect if the owner used a heated boot bag every time before putting on the boots. The material would mold to the foot and the boots would even be warm! What if the boots are not heated before wearing? Does a Zipfit liner maintain the shape achieved after the original fitting indefinitely, as do foamed liners?

Some reports indicate putting on/taking off Zipfit-lined boots requires more care and is more of a project than foam or Intuitions. Any difficulty keeping the Zipfit liner material in place putting on/taking off boots if the liner remains in the boot? Some folks advocate putting on and lacing up the liners, slipping them into the shell as in a plug boot, and removing them the same way. Recommended? If so, why?

Lastly, some recommendations to get Zipfits one size larger than the boot size to guarantee enough toe room. True?

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When I size zipfits I measure the inside of the shell and then sell the appropriate length liner. I find zips to hold their shape well and absolutely have greater foot hold than Intuition. I leave my liners in the shell and slide in just like any other boot.
Good Luck
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never had a problem with them not being heated prior to every use...in fact never heated mine other than the initial moulding, size wise they are pretty accurate..it is the shells that are out!!


as for putting on/taking off, purely personal preference and boot type dependant, i find it easier to get my foot into the liner and then into the shell, but take them off by just loosening everything off and pulling my foot out (unless it is a really cold day) i have clients who put the boot on like this and others who just go into the boot in the "traditional" manner just make sure that you lift the liner out the back of the boot and have the foot pull it back in whilst you try and hold it up, this makes sure that the foot gets below the heel huggers and right into the base of the liner



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