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Need new ski advices

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I am interested to get new skis that will challenge me a little bit more than my current Elan WaveFlex 78 TI.  I am really looking for skis that can handle Ohio / east type conditions (groomer, hard pack, artificial snow, etc.), fun, poppy  but also versatile for the occasional powder or trip to out west.


Here skis that I am interested in (based on online  reviews), I'd like your opinion on the below skis:


- 2012 Rossignol Experience 88 162cm

- 2012 K2 Rictor 167cm

- 2012 K2 Charger 167cm

- 2012 Volkl RTM 80 166cm

- 2012 Volkl RTM 84 166cm



I like the Rossi Experience 88 and K2 (based on review online) because it's not a full rocker compared to the Volkl RTM series. I am just not sure yet how much rocker is on the Volkl RTM series and I have concern on hard pack snow too much rocker will be a problem  but I am really intrigue with the RTM series.


Some background info:


- I never demo a rocker ski  but I understand the rocker principle

- I am skiing mostly on groomer hard pack, artificial snow in Ohio / East coast with the occasional out West trip

- I am 151LBS, 5’9” Male, and consider myself an intermediate advanced skier ready to progress to the next level.

- I like to ski at different speed,carving, cruising


Thank you for the help,



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Welcome to EpicSki!

You've got a nice list of skis to start with, though they are all very different from one another.  Do you plan on, or have a chance to, demo?


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From what I've heard, the rictor and rtm 80 are very similar (or are at least intended to be) to your current skis. The rocker may make them more versatile, but maybe also a little less snappy.  The charger doesn't make sense.  It's narrower than your current ski by 4 mm, so it'll probably be less versatile than what you're currently on.  The RTM 84 and the experience 88 do make sense, and will be a nice upgrade in terms of versatility.  If you like K2 (as your list would make it seem), you might want to look at the aftershock, which is (I think), 86 mm underfoot.  Another nice option would be the Nordica Steadfast/helldiver (90 mm) or Burner/afterburner (84 mm), or one of the new Blizzard flipcores, like the Bushwacker.

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