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Helix - are they death boards on ice?

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Seeking all-mountain OSQ.

Most of my skiing in Utah, but I live out east and ski a couple days here and there (Southern VT).


Enjoy finding powder stashes and getting off trail to play around is my joy - but when it hasn't snowed much I can happily cruise groomers all day. Not a park guy, but like softer flex and playfulness of twins. 


Am considering the Lib. Helix. Light weight = good. Dimensions (105 waist) and a slight tip rocker also look good for soft and variable snow. I've read reviews that say they carve well and easily. So although I don't expect to ride them very often out east - if I take 'em for a few days here and there and encounter ice will I regret it? Also - although I ski in Utah often - I can't always pick when I go, and sometimes we do spend a week out there without much new snow and encounter some wind blown crust, and dare I say it, but occasionally some fairly steep icey spots... Utah is awesome a lot of the time - but not always...

Considering it's going to be my ski for almost everywhere (OSQ), should I look more at the Morphics (94 waist) or something else in the mid to high 90's waist range (plenty of good looking options at about 95-98mm waist range: New Atomic Theory; Blizzards; Salomon etc). 


Anyone got Helix's and ride them in the east? How are they in trees - agile? Ridden them in crusty conditions before?
Thanks for your thoughts.


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You see Helixes (and a few DH's) back here. Have only skied them out west prior to rocker, on softer snow, but have heard they've got good grip on hardpack or crust for a wider ski, and I can testify that they're solid in trees and tight places. Light and springy, can be jounced in heavy snow or crud at speed. Could be a perfect sidebounds AT setup. So depends on what you prioritize. 

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I managed to demo the 186 Morphic in July down here.  Couple of inches of new snow over a hard, refrozen base.  On both groomed and off piste the Morphic was a lot of fun - carved happily wherever it could get set an edge, and was fun and poppy in the getting-bumped-up off piste areas.  Relative to my existing gear (Heads) they're a lively ski, but I enjoyed the couple of runs I was able to put on them.  The bamboo core seems to provide for a ski that is lively at first, but which stiffens up and becomes more serious as you put more energy into the ski. At least that was how they were described to me, and after a couple of runs I felt that description was on the mark.  They had the Helix in the tent but I didn't manage to demo the larger ski.  If you were staying east I'd say Morphic, but skiing in Utah I'd think the Helix would do nicely.  I'd happily own a Morphic.

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Thanks for those comments - down under? Where'd you ski them sinbad7? I am an ex-pat Aussie were you on the man made Aussie snow-cone ice? haha


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Ski demo at Thredbo over the weekend of 23/24 July.  Thursday and Friday was a little soft after some rain earlier in the week, but it snowed nicely both days.  The weather cleared up overnight on Friday and it went down to minus 10 (C), so Saturday opened up as a bluebird day, but frozen solid (the term "sugar on laminex" was being thrown about).  They made snow on the lower slopes for around 14 hours (hence the sugar reference).  The temperature stayed low so the trees were glittering icicles all day.  Beautiful day, but demoing carvers was the logical option.


Temps rose for the Sunday and it was snowing, so wider skis (and off piste) were the order of the day.  Winners that day were the Morphic and the Rossi S3, which was a lot of fun.  Was intending to get on the Helix, but the guys began packing up around 1:30pm.


Just from my time on the Morphic I'd have little hesitation in getting on the Helix in the right conditions.


Good luck.

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