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Recommend ski instructor at Vail or Beaver Creek

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Our family will be skiing the first week of Jan 2012, and staying between Vail and Beaver Creek; easy access to both resorts.  There are 3 of us that would like private lessons.  If this helps, it's for ages 43, 19. 14, ski level blue, and just starting groomed blacks. 


Can anyone recommend great ski instructors for either resort?  In the past, we've had mixed results with instructors (resorts in Utah).  


This year, I thought getting specific instructor names to request, would be a better choice versus luck of the draw.  


Thanks for any names you can give me!


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Ric Reiter (VailSnoPro on here).  There are quite a few Vail-based instructors who post here, but I know Ric, so I'd definitely vouch for him.

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Thanks!  I saw Ric's name in previous threads, but they were several years old, so I didn't know if he was still teaching.  Good to hear he still is, with all the positive comments about hiim.

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As of last season Eric Nesterenko was still instructing at Vail. He would be in his 70s and I don't really know how good of an instructor he is but in the late 1950s and 1960s he was a hell of a hockey player with the NHL Chicago Blackhawks. A Stanley Cup champion with team mates Bobby Hull, Stan Makita, Phil Esposito, Glen Hall, Moose Vasco. As a hockey player he was known as a real scrapper and not someone to mess with.

As a ski instructor he used to have a program where he would take clients out and challenge them to the point where he would basically scare the crap out of them. Don't worry, the insurance company nannys cancelled the program years ago.
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That's funny.  Kind of like taking the high dive boards out of swimming pools. Just can't have fun anymore.  


Thanks for the input; helps since I'd like the 3 family members to take private lessons the same day, so we can all ski together the rest of the week.  So the more names, the better, especially since great instructors get booked quickly. 

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Can't go wrong with the Vail Snow Pro.

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My wife and I (early 30's, green/blue skiers at the time) were lucky enough to get hooked up with Dick Brewer at Vail a few years back.  I highly recommend him; great guy and we learned so much that we were doing easier black runs by the end of the day, which I didn't think was possible.

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Thanks!  That helps, especially since there are 3 of us wanting private lessons or one of the recommended instructors are already booked or not working there, etc.  Wish is was January already.  I'm ready to ski already.

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Welcome to Epicski, Mrsnitrobob! With fall in the Colorado mountains in its full aspen-gold glory and the first snows already dusting the highest peaks, we're all starting to get excited about the coming ski season. January is a ways away, but I can feel your anticipation already.

At your skiing level, Vail and Beaver Creek both have a tremendous amount of excellent terrain to offer, and there are many top-notch instructors in both ski schools. You'll have a great time! But to recommend a particular instructor, it would be good to know a little more about what you're looking for. You say that you have had "mixed results" with instructors in the past, so you have gained valuable experience that will help you choose an instructor now. What makes the ideal instructor for you and your family? Certainly, different instructors work better with some people and needs than others. What's worked for you? What hasn't? What attributes do you look for in an instructor?

What was the best lesson you've ever had (skiing or otherwise)--and how did the instructor help make it a success? What went wrong with some of the less-successful experiences?

Most great instructors are very adaptable. They can tailor a lesson to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. But instructors are individuals, with their own personalities and strengths. Great lessons--especially private lessons--rely on the relationship that develops between the instructor and yourself. Obviously, some people get along better than others, and an instructor who "clicks" with one person may be like oil and water with the next. Success is based as much on you as on the instructor. So, tell us a little more about yourself. What makes you tick?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Bob Barnes has a  great advice there.  But to add a couple of names Jennifer Buck is great and Katy Perrey (Tsavo) is based out of Keystone but can instruct at any Vail Resort as well.  And I've skied with Ric Reiter as well and he is top notch. 

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Thanks for all the great names!  I've sent PMs to a couple mentioned so far.  Hopefully, they are available.  And Bob, I sent you a long email smile.gif.    It's great to have the other names as well, just in case the first 2 are already booked, or another family member wants to take a lesson too.  After my ski trip, I'll let you know, who we were lucky enough to have as instructors.  thanks again for all your replies.  I'm excited now

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Let me throw Gates Lloyd's name into your collection. He, like VSP, is a PSIA examiner and trainer for Vail resorts and started working at Vail full-time last season. He previously was at Breckenridge, where I spent a lot of time with him in training sessions, and usually spent half the season teaching returning private customers at Vail.
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Christine, you're probably not aware of this, but you can book all-day lessons with Bob Barnes through Copper Mountain Ski School (less money than a private lesson at Vail, by the way) and he can teach your group at Vail and Beaver Creek. (There is a reciprocity agreement.) Just sayin'.

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Hi and thanks for your reply, i am new to this and didn't realise you can only have two private posts a day.....anyway can i have your email address so i can send you a message?

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LR1984--Welcome to EpicSki! You will find that the Private Message limit goes away (or goes up considerably, at least) after you've made a few posts. The limit is there to minimize automated spam attacks and to encourage members to get involved.

Reply again here, and you're well on your way! And please jump into a few more discussions, or start your own topic. You'll find lots of friendly, helpful, encouraging, enlightening, and provocative people here to pique your interest in skiing, help you improve, and enjoy your own contributions.

Have fun!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Glad I found this thread. I am looking for an instructor as well at Beaver Creek or Vail.


I am an advanced beginner / low intermediate in my 3rd season (I'm 27 now) and my first trip out west. Staying at Beaver Creek from Dec 9 - Dec 16 and I am definitely looking for a few private lessons to teach me better technique and improve on what I can do now.

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Hi bob

Still getting used to this site, I sent you a PM yesterday, did you receive it?
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Hi mrsnitrobob, LR1964, and greenwave. (You didn't perchance attend Tulane?) Welcome to the forums.


LR, I believe that a new member needed to write 5 posts before being able to send and receive private messages. That may have changed.


Some solid advice has been offered here. I'd pay particular attention to Bob Barnes' first post about your particular aims.


If you're looking for a short woman who is fluent in Japanese, then I really can't come up with a recommendation off the top of my head. I have however had the great pleasure of having skied for at least a few days, both in formal lessons and free-skiing, with the aforementioned Bob Barnes and Vail Snow Pro. They are both enormously experienced professionals who share a deep, abiding passion for the sport, and are in my view at or near the top of the instruction ziggurat. They each have their own individual charms, quirks, senses of humor, and odd habits, but when it comes to teaching, they are both about as serious as brain cancer, and are tons of fun to be with. In my humble opinion, a person would have to try extremely hard in order to spend a day on the mountain with either of these gents and not come away highly satisfied.


I'd like to be able to voice a strong personal opinion about the earlier poster Kneale Brownson, as I've heard many flattering things about him from people who's opinions I trust. However, I've only shared one chairlift ride with him, and skied the same run one time, so I can't in good faith offer a glowing testimonial. He did however strike me as a very pleasant guy.

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Great to hear!  Only 2 more months till my ski trip.  I've officially booked 2 of the instructors mentioned in this thread.  Am I allowed to say who they are?  Or wait till after my lessons?  My kids are already excited.  Living in the flat cornfields of the Midwest, any trip out West, is a great trip.   However, I'm not jealous of your early snow yet, because I still have my half marathon to run next weekend in Indianapolis.  It's nice with the fall colors.  Then, I'm ready for snow.  lol   

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