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Montana State University.

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Last spring I toured the MSU campus after our Big Sky trip was over and I loved it. I applied and was accepted to MSU. Anyone go to school out there? I've talk to a few Alumni that have many similar interests as I do and it sounds like the right school to me. Right now the school decision is between UW Lacrosse, I'd probably be interested in college skiing if I went there and MSU. If I went to MSU, I doubt I'd be able to run gates while watching skier tear through powder on fatties. 

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My daughter went there.  PM me for questions.  Depending on your points (well below 100) you might not even be considered for the NCAA team.  However, they also race USCSA in a race club.  Because they are also NCAA, however, the last I heard was they couldn't participate in USCSA National events.  The race club is mostly about partying, near as I can tell.  We went to a race "run" by that group....  Biggest mess I've ever seen, like kindergarteners trying to do something on the fly.  Beyond the racing aspect, however, there is great skiing available nearby at Bridger or an hour away at Big Sky/Moonlight. 

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If you want to ski, get an education, and enjoy at least what used to be pretty low out of state tuition, I recommend looking at the university of montana up in missoula.  My merely be a bobcat when you can be a grizzly!



UM class of 92


p.s. since you live in sconny you don't me to tell you the virtues of lacrosse of course.  have a groovy time in college!

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Actually, as to out of state tuition, if you live here for a year and work, you can take some classes part time and end up being a "resident" for subsequent years.  My daughter's roommate did that.


And everyone knows the Cats are better if you look at anything besides sports....  wink.gif


(Personally, I'm a Nittany Lion...)

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