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Dryland Training Agility Ideas.

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Today durring soccer practice it hit me, I have two weeks left of games and that means ski season is right around the corner. After soccer finishes up I'm going to pound the gym so I can get every advantage I can get before the season starts. I'm already in great shape from soccer condition and the only thing I really am going to add is jump box workouts and ski specific agility training. More explosive things then what we do for soccer agility training. 


My Personal Soccer Conditioning I do right now is...

15 miles of running a week.

3 leg gym days a week.

4 ab workout days a week.

agility 3 days a week.


What would you racers recommend for agility training, I'm going to keep doing the running, leg lifts, ab stuff and throw in a few days of upper body, but I need some good ski specific agility training. 

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Box jumps. Also there's lots of different ways to jump rope. Be creative.

Stair bounding but use big stairs, like a stadium, not your home ones. Jump the stairs sideways too. 

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I'm also a big fan of trail/off-road running to build agility. Bounding off of rocks, having to adjust for ever-changing camber of trail and surface conditions, finding a line between trees - it all works for honing agility and for picking a good line.


Otherwise, box jumps, line sprints/dot drills, cone slalom, stair workouts, Fartlek and obstacle courses are all excellent for agility.

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Was that you on the Billy Goat the other day, Rudi?

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Alas, no. I plan on doing a few runs along the BGT soon, though. I still have one more big road ride on my schedule (Great River Ride in Westfield, MA), so I've spent more time on the bike than in my running shoes.

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Was that you on the Billy Goat the other day, Rudi?


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.... More explosive things then what we do for soccer agility training.... 

Eh, soccer's pretty explosive.  Ski racing, not as much, and the agility you need is pretty ski-specific.  Agility drills get you good at doing...agility drills.  So don't worry so much about them for the ski training. 

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Sounds like your already doing more than most of us or at least me.   Try some stand up hill climbs sprints on a Bike or MTB,(no sitting) and don't pick the easy gear.. .    Then of course some Roller blading will get you fit for skating around the resort.   Other than that, soccer covers the rest I would say.  

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Trail running, bounding off rocks, slalom cones are all great. I try to mix it up a ton. I rarely do one activity for more than 5-10 minutes. I'm sure someone smarter than me might have a different opinion, but if I'm skiing hard, I'll make it from the top of Snowbird to the tram deck in less than 10 minutes, so it makes the most sense to me to push as hard as I can for 10 minute drills, rather than 1 hour endurance drills.

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Aside from normal conditioning with weights, bikes and swimming..... I have the kids I coach do lots and lots of balancing exercises. You need nothing fancy and it can be done anywhere....
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I really love mountain Biking on winding, obstacle filled single track trails.  It really helps with eye body coordination, looking ahead & letting your bike & body take you there at speed. 

Star Lake 021.JPG


I also find that slalom water skiing helps hone a stacked, skeletal alignment as well as keeping the carving skills alive.

Pineview 2 031.JPG


Cross country mountain biking works on both agility & endurance.  Water skiing deals with precision & strength.  These are my 2 primary off season endeavors.


Another great indoor balance/agility enhancer is using one of those beach ball type sports balls.  Learning to kneel, then stand on the thing really gets your small muscles twitching.  Be sure to have a spotter when learning to stand, you can ruin your season before it starts if this is attempted in the wrong environment eek.gif.


Tight rope, chain walking, jump rope & unicycles can also be good.



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12 oz curls and climbing up into the leather seats on the big diesel pickup....

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+1 to the cross country running, especially down and up steep hills.  This is more bump specific, but running s turns instead of hop turns is helpful..


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