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New custom liners - old or even rental boots?

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Yeah I know...the multiboot, massive multiski crowd is saying "WTF??!!".   I personally have my own boots with intuition liners and couldn't be happier.  When I restarted skiing 4 years ago spent 2 days in rental boots before about quitting in tear inducing pain, then 3 days in my own boots with stock liners with some improvement, before adding the custom liners and asking myself "why on earth didn't you get these sooner you chowderhead?"  My "little" brother is coming out for a week in Whistler along with his 5 y/o boy this winter and the question refers to him.  A few specifics:


-He skied about 4-5 times per winter from age 15-18, same as I did but he has yet to restart (he is now 43)

-Very adventurous guy, whitewater rafting guide, skydiving instructor, BASE jumper, used to be competitive motocross.  Pretty good shape - not a runner in general but 2 years ago decided that he wanted to run a marathon - specifically because he WASN'T a good runner - and finished middle of the pack in the Kansas City marathon 6 mo later (bit hardheaded), continues to run approx 20-30 miles/week.

-lives in Kansas City

-6'0" 180 lb


He plans to take a few days out to the local molehill with rentals outside of KC just to get his boy used to the feel of skis.  He will be coming out here late January, and we plan to take at least one day at Crystal (WA) as my daughter has a multiweek on sunday AM - leave straight from there to Whistler.  Original plan was to get week rental for both of them at the local Sturdevant's to avoid the rental pileups at Whistler.  I really want him to enjoy the trip as much as possible - I like my little brother and would like to give him every excuse to come out as often as he can.  Given my own misadventures with boots and knowing how important it is to at least not have painful feet (at his point doubt performance would be an issue) I had a few thoughts and would like some feedback.


-I am 90% sure after one good trip he will be skiing at least a week/winter if not more, but full blown new boots BEFORE at least one trip just isnt going to happen.

-I would be willing to spring for some Intuition (or other customizable liners) for him.  My first thought was to simply buy them at Sturtevant's and have them molded into the week rental boots (HAS to be better than rental boots/liners ....right?).  And the end of the week pull the liners, take them home and if (WHEN) he gets his own boot remold them.

-Then thought that there are many used boots out there cheap, almost down to the level of the week rentals.  However the logistics of getting used boots that MIGHT fit without seeing a boot fitter and then putting liners in them seem......difficult at best.



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I like the way you are thinking Alveolus!  Makes perfect sense to me.  The only caution would be buying him a used boot or any boot without having a boot fitter see his foot.  If you know his foot size and volume you could probably get a ball park fit without him present with the help of a boot fitter who knows boot volumes and how to size.  I like the idea of getting him an Intuition liner to throw in a less expensive boot for his ski week.  Pay an experienced fitter to mold the liners so to avoid the chance of ruining them.  I would also splurge for at least a trim to fit footbed to mold with the liners.  


good luck in setting the hook!


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