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Europe Boarding

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Hey so I just moved to Israel for a year abroad and Im planning a snowboarding trip with a couple of my friends somewhere in europe. We were thinking something like the Swiss Alps or France but we dont really know where to go. Anyone have any ideas, were looking for somewhere decently cheap but we have some money saved up.

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You'll probably get more replies if you also post this in the Eurozone.



Cost will depend on which resort you can fly to. Generally, the cheapest deals are in resorts that have a lot of apartments, which means purpose-built resorts in France or some parts of northwest Italy. For example, some UK companies have really cheap deals to Flaine and La Thuile.


That said, if you can't get to Geneva or Grenoble easily, then France won't be as cheap as the resorts closer to whichever airport you can get to because of the transfer costs. If Zurich or Innsbruck are cheaper for you to fly to, then there are a few resorts in Austria that will probably be cheaper for you. If you can get to Milan or Turin easily, then there are some resorts in Italy with decent prices.


First thing's first will be to find which airports you can get to easily from whichever airport you're flying from. After that, you can narrow down your search from there.


And of course, do whatever you can to avoid the school holidays (Christmas-New Year's week and most of February). Mid-January and early/mid-March are best.

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sick thank you, yea im new to this site so i dont really know how to post anything so im gonna try tomorrow but thank you for the advise i really want to snowboard the swiss alps and/or french alps.

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You should be able to find plenty of resorts that have what you're looking for. But like I said, it just depends on which airports you can fly to cheaply/easily from where you're staying.


For example, I can get to Geneva and Zurich quite easily from the airport near my house but not Innsbruck, Turin, or Munich. So, I usually look at resorts with easy transfers from those two airports rather than the others. And, if I do want to go somewhere else, I have to factor in the cost and travel time to whichever airport I have to fly from to get there.


So, the first step is to find which airports you can get to easily/cheaply. Then, figure out which month you can go (January and March are usually quietest), which can also affect your resort choice when you factor in snow conditions. Finally, throw in your preferences in terms of size, terrain, price, and so on. By the time you get to that third step, you should be able to get a good idea of which resorts have what you want.



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I skied St. Anton last year.  It's a great big place to ski - you will have no problems finding whatever terrain you are looking for.  I was a 3-4 hr train ride or something from Zurich, right into town.  There are some cheap places to stay in town, apparently most of them want to you to stay a week.  People told me that you could stay in people's houses at a good price.  Also, I know staying down the road, a short bus ride from the lifts, will save you tons of money and I think that's also good for partying it up.

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I just remembered that Flims/Laax is pretty popular with snowboarders. It's a reasonably big resort area a bit southeast of Zurich; not easy to get to from Geneva though if that's the easiest airport for you to fly in.


But, like SnowbirdDevotee mentioned, most resorts are geared towards week-long visitors. Some prefer Saturday to Saturday visits, and some prefer Sunday to Sunday. It's easier to find good deals for 7 nights than for shorter stays.

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>It's easier to find good deals for 7 nights than for shorter stays

yes!  I ended up paying waay more than I would've liked to, but that was all I could find anywhere close, for my 3 nt stay.

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Have you thought of trying out the Dolomites?

The Superski compound has loads of slopes for boarders and they are all connected to each other so you can really change as much as you want. 

There i nice little hotel about an hour from Cortina d'Ampezzo, in Malga Ciapela (BL) and it's directly on the slopes, it's called Hotel Garni' Roberta and it's really beautiful and rightly priced .

For the slopes , check out the Dolomiti Superski website!



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Hi. Laax has the biggest halfpipe in Europe and they just opened the biggest freestyle hall in Europe - I think, that says all. It's really cool. Accommodation tip: Rider's lodge or rocksresort. Laax is just a half an hour from my home, so I know it quite well.

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