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Bogus Basin?

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I just moved to Boise, and I was curious to know if anyone has had any experience with their ski school? Is it good, bad, or meh?




Mighty Matt-

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What kind of information are you looking for? I have taught 18 years with the ski school at Bogus. We offer some great lesson packages that are reasonably priced. If you have some specific questions i will answer them for you.
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I am looking to teach there. I passed my level 2 last season at sun valley and just wanted to see peoples opinions Mike.
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I think we have a great ski school!  We have a high number of returning instructors each year - this past year I think it was around 90 that returned.  We teach a lot of lessons - last year this was around 28,000.  We teach a lot of four day sessions - where the students have the same instructor for four Saturday or Sunday mornings or afternoons.  The Mouse House is a very popular program - this is for the 3 to 6 year olds.  These lessons sell out early even before the snow arrives.  The next age group is the Mountain Mites (7 to 11 year old).  There is the Passport Program for the first time beginners both alpine and snowboard this is for those 12 years and older.  Then we have the All Mountain Experience class which is for those people that have been on skis or boards before. 


Certification is big at Bogus.  There are prep clinics held, normally starting in January, for the various cert levels.  These are normally held on Sunday late afternoon and are well attended.  


Watch the Bogus Basin website for the online application which should be there around October 1st.  You could also call and talk to our ski school director or manager and they could answer any questions that you might have.  


Bogus is a great place to work!!!  If it wasn't I probably would not be returning for my 19th season.



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Bogus Basin is a great place to ski!!

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Tchu, thank you for the awesome review of the Bogus Basin Ski School!

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