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Do you hate buying boots as much as I do ?

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Do you hate the whole process of buying new ski boots as much as I do?  I love buying new skis.  That process is pleasurable.  You go to a demo day and try out a bunch of skis, go home, do some research and make a decison and get some new boards.


But when in comes to boots, I always feel like I am going to see my proctologist or my dentist for a root canal.  All I can imagine is my aging and tender feet getting forced into stiff plastic boots and having them buckled so tight I have to hold back tears as the boot guy says to you, "Stand up and flex them and tell me what you think"  I always reply "They hurt like hell, I told you I need at least a 100 mm last and not that 97mm race model"  


Last year was year 5 on my current boots Salomon XWave 9.0 and almost 10 years on my custom insole so I am due, way due.  As I work p/t in a ski shop I feel obligated to buy through the shop which is ok cause I get good deals.  Easy to do for skis, tougher for boots.


Last year our main boot lines were Technica and Nordica.  I tried to love the Dragon 120, trying it on several times but just couldn't.  Same with the Speed Machine 110 and Hot Rod 95 with the end result of me annoying everyone in the shop because of my obsessing.  But none of them felt right.  End result was another season on my trusty Xwave's.


Last week I got called back to work at the ski shop and I find that we have added Lange.  Hmmmm???  I loved my Lange Mid 5.0's back in the day.  I ask the owner to show me the new boots and told him that I really needed to do boots this year.  He tells me to try the new Lange RS130.  Not bad!  Try them on again several days later, still not bad.  Maybe I found my boot,  I hope so because I really hate this whole boot buying business!!


Rick G

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I would rather have a root canal than buy new boots.  You do realize the boots will not fit until they have been punched out and stretched, and the custom foamed liners will be too tight until they have been cut open; don't you?

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Naw I love it, anything new is good.   But not getting it dialed in right I hate.   But I learned my lesson, from now on when I get new boots, straight to fitting.  Its easy for me since I stick to Head products, that pretty much leaves me with one choice, their stiffest race boot.   If some company comes out with a game changer, as the Fischer boots seem to be, I might be tempted to sway, but since my boots are like new still, it wont be for a while.

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I haven't been skiing as long as most of you, so my first pair of boots were some super soft comfy things. Season two, I bought top of the line Tecnica  boots, as they fit great out of the box.  Why fix it if it isn't broken, so I bought Tecnica 120 Dragons a few seasons ago and had some custom foot beds made for them.  Great boots, but my liners feel packed out, so I just got some nice Intuition liners for them. I hope they last another 2-3 seasons.  So to answer your question, buying boots has been easy for me.

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Originally Posted by liv2 ski View Post

So to answer your question, buying boots has been easy for me.

Nothing personal, but I hate you! 


Rick G




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I'll go with RR on this one. Gotta love any process that promises better skiing. If it doesn't deliver, you just try try again...but yeah, the dialing part is a PITA. 

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It isn't bad enough that you torture your feet in the shop when deciding to buy new boots.  The nightmare continues the first time you ski as a new pair of boots has never fit me well out of the box.  Therefore numerous trips back to the ski shop are neccessary for the inevitable tweaking, here, blow out there, a cant here etc.  The process seems to take an entire ski season of marginal comfort to finally get to the point that you can ski your boots hard an entire day without having to stop during and after every run to fiddle with buckles, power straps or flex adjusters trying in vain to quiet your screaming feet.  At this point I usally curse my ancestors for giving me these normal looking yet so hard to fit feet.


After the first season ordeal is over, I know my boot settings and am careful not to change them, not even one turn on a micro adjuster which can cause my feet to start screaming all over again.  But once they are dialed in, I am usually good for another 4 seasons before having to start this horrible process all over again.


So if you are one of the lucky few, who can fit into any ski boot and be happy, please keep it to yourself.  I don't want to hear it.  I rather believe that everyone has to suffer just like I do.




Rick G

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I'm about to get fitted for my first pair of boots as I just started skiing last season. I *hope* my feet aren't going to be as hard to fit as yours!

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It is either 2 layers if mole skin on the shins every day and carry a full role of duct tape, or new boots this year.


Wonder if they can just get capped like a broken tooth or a truck tire?


Duct tape doesn't weigh that much, but finding the pieces when they fall off is kind of a pain on a powder day.

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It sounds like you've never dealt with someone who is really a bootfitter.  It will make life much easier and you'll enjoy the new boots much sooner.  If they don't verify your width first and then do a shell fit to determine correct length, they're doing it wrong.

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I enjoy buying anything ski related.


Now buying a new car -- that's what I hate -- with the haggling, and then the salesperson having to go and check with their supervisor...it's all a game I don't ever look forward to.

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