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Volkl "Speed Wall"

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Anyone had any experience with the new Volkl race skis with waxable sidewall or as they're calling it, speed wall?  I got a free thing of the "Speed Wall Wax" from one of the reps, but I didn't get a chance to talk to him.  Does it work?  Can I put this sidewall wax on my normal sidewall and see what happens?  

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"Normal" sidewalls were waxed on race skis way before Volkl came out with their "Speed wall" thing ;) You can use regular wax, but it won't have much of effect on normal sidewalls, since normal sidewalls are not made from ptex. But there are special "oils" used for "waxing" sidewalls out for quite some time.
I have no idea about this Speedwall wax, but I would assume you can safely use it on normal sidewalls too. Question is only, how much effect it will have. From this what I was talking about with friends from WC, Speedwall is suppose to be sort of ptex, which means you normally use regular waxes for this, so I assume also this Speedwall wax is sort of regular wax, which won't do much of normal, non-ptex sidewall.

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Looks like I'll just have to do an experiment!

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