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I went to the premier of this skimovie yesterday ( I actually showed up one day early, and was both very sorry and at the same time feeling like a total tool ) in Oslo. I had been looking forward to seeing Aksel Lund Svindal ski the mountains of Lofoten, in northern Norway, for a long time.


The director/producer, Filip Christensen, is only 22 yo, but this is his movie # 8. In 2008 he won the Jury's "Coup De Coeur"" award at iF3 for his movie "Get Lucky". He was a decent twintipper before he started making films.


Lots of promobabes from one of the sponsors, Red Bull, passed out drinks, always nice. Many families showed up, so my skipartner and I didn't feel totally out of place, and we were both happy he didn't bring his kids, more about why later.


Head, Swix and Peak Performance displayed goodies at the venue, the Folketeateret ( the old opera ) in Oslo, and with a beer in my hand time passed quickly till the bell rang. Few seats were unoccupied ( 1400 capacity ) so there was a lot of snow hungry people there. After a presentation of most of the crew and skiers ( including Aksel ) and a price raffle including skis, tuning equiment, clothing and a trip to Stranda, the fun could begin.


The kids went crazy when the urban railing scenes started, and after many takes a 15 yo swedish dude finally nailed his trick. I was impressed. Had I fallen like him, repeatedly, I would've ended up in hospital or worse. This is when my buddy leans over and says : Now I'm really happy I didn't bring the kids. We already have problems enough keeping them away from the park when skiing with them ( not our scene ) for longer periods, had they seen this it'd have been impossible.


Then the beautiful scenery starts making an impact. Even if the skiers were doing crazy tricks off of multiple big jumps, the backdrop was spectacularly beautiful. Finally I get to see what I prefer, nice lines down steep mountains, deep pow. After we had all been taken to various locations, mostly in Norway, but also in Japan ( that pow looked more than nice ) and Sweden, it was time for the Lofoten scenes. Wow. Wow again.

The wild beauty of Lofoten combined with Aksel's and the other guys skiing made it well worth sitting through the urban railing and the jumps for me. The Stranda scenes are also spectacular - all you see is a big jump, a skier and the backdrop is the fjord way down there. Epic.


All in all I guesstimate that a little more than 50 % of the movie is rails and jumps. Filip is a good director/producer/cameraman/editor etc etc. Will most bears like it? Some will, maybe as much for the scenery as for the skiing. Should they take their kids? If you're already stuck in the park for a good portion of your ski day I can't see why not, but some ( most ) of the urban railing is definatly "Don't try this at home". Then again, I think most ski films these days are full of this kind of skiing.


I liked the movie, some parts more than others. I know I'm going to Stranda next spring after seeing the beauty there, after work in Oslo Winterpark is over. My sister lives where the Lofoten islands begins, and I must go there, too. And I'm trying to get to the US to give that pow a try. Hope it'll be a loooong winter.