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Total Skiing's approach to functional movement and ski fitness - Page 4

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Originally Posted by Rolfe Schmidt View Post

This isn't me (I wish I could do it like this!), but have a look:...



  • he actively extends to get his feet to the ground quickly (he doesn't wait to land),
  • he appears to do something like "down-unweighting" so he doesn't have to jump as high and waste time in the air.
  • his heels don't seem to touch, and may not clear the line each time allowing smaller jumps,
  • and he certainly doesn't jump all the way back to the center.  


So it's not really jumping in and out  as much as lifting your feet and touching.  Mimicking these techniques I was able to come down from about 20 sec to 12 sec without much trouble.  That last second has been trouble though...

Oh, OK, if you define "back to the middle" as "just inside the edge" then I should be able to pick up my time a fair amount. He's pretty quick, good job keeping his head still.  That helped a lot. A video's worth.... (hmm, let's see, 10 seconds * 30 frames/second * 1000 words/frame...)  ...  300,000 words.


Thank you very much. Off to give it a try.

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Originally Posted by chilehed View Post

Oh, OK, if you define "back to the middle" as "just inside the edge" then I should be able to pick up my time a fair amount.

Yes, that does make it easier, eh?  I should add that I'm not sure if this is officially sanctioned form, but it is fast.  It sort of feels like bump skiing to me: legs up and down, side to side, upper body quiet.


Back on the original post topic, I wanted to add that now that I'm on the snow again I am surprised to find that the most dramatic change I've seen from working through the book is that I've learned how to flex properly.  Learning to "go back" with the squats, lat lunges, and SLS took a while, but now that I'm on the snow I can flex that way, use my lower legs to control fore-aft balance, and it is amazing how much better I can absorb rough conditions and how much more quickly I can deliver power.


It didn't get rid of the leg burn though.  I just ski harder.





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That is awesome and is the whole point of Total Skiing.  Awareness and a direct connection to your dryland workouts specific to you as a skier is where the value in the book is.  Flexing through your joints properly will add years to your bodies ability to handle the riggers of a sport like skiing.  So many skiers rely on pure strength or ballistic movements to get out of trouble, but few will take the time to focus on quality movement in and out of the gym.  GOOD WORK!!

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Lets chat about Total Skiing in person on my webinar...



Join Human Kinetics and Chris Fellows for a Webinar December, 14th

Topic:  Ski Conditioning and how to carry your indoor training onto the slopes
Time: 1:00-2:00pm PST

You must register at the link below.  Once you have registered you can submit questions for Chris to answer.


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The kindle version does not have page numbers while the book content relies heavily on page number  like the following:


(see page 30....)

exercises for this drill are on page 108 and  on page 111.


Anyone has a workaround?


I am sold by "skiing lifestyle" concept but am totally bummed not able to get the page numbers to use it. The first time I regret buying a book in Kindle format.


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LiquidFeet, great thread thanks for starting it. I will have to get this book.


I started praticing pilates in October of 2010. Initially to improve my balance and coordination for ski season but it also does wonders for core strength. I previewed the book and see many of the exercises he recommends are in our repertoire. I've made it the foundation of my fitness program, practicing 7 hours a week and am now certifying as an instructor. I will design skiing-specific workouts but from my review of the index in google docs his exercises provide and excellent base.


At the time I was having difficulty going up stairs but I learnt that a squat is a coordinated, balanced movement. I too would use my quads too much. I am able to get into my glutes and hamstrings more by sticking my butt out further while keeping my shoulders, knees and toes in line. It's also important to maintain a neutral spine while squatting - too much hyperextension puts excessive strain on the lower back. 


Upper spine mobility is a common issue - when I started I could barely rotate my upper torso without moving my hips or side bend properly but working on these areas has improved my upper/lower body separation and done wonders for my skiing. 3 years ago I could barely make it down a moderate face in Harmony bowl and fractured my thumb in a fall, 2 weeks ago I skied the Blowhole, Spanky's Ladder (Sapphire Bowl) and the Couloir (False Face entrance) with confidence and no falls.


I'll try to comment on some issues from a Pilates POV and feel free to PM me with any questions - although it seems there are some PT's in the forum and i may not be able to add anything to their BOK.


Thanks and happy summer!

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Chris Fellows hosted another webinar yesterday entitled Total Skiing II: Conditioning for the Slopes. I'm on his (www.skinastc.com) mailing list, so I knew about it ahead of time, but for those who missed it but might be interested it's available on demand here...   https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/789356104


If you try to tune in using that link you'll need to supply an email address, and may need to fill in a few fields in a simple registration page. The webinar played no problem on my Windows PC in Windows Media Player. My girlfriend uses a Mac, and it prompted her to install Windows Media Player for Mac, which she declined to do. Just a heads up.

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Thanks for the info jcs. How long was it?
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One hour.

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