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Aspen Highlands Spring Skiing?

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I've never skied Highlands later than February, and I'm thinking of stopping in around April 13th for a day or two after hitting Vail.

Question is, how well does the snow hold up in highlands Bowl and the upper chutes that late in the season. Realizing that east facing exposures get lots of sun, is it just a timing thing?  Or is it done by then?

Thanks for any feedback

Highlands Double.jpg

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Highlands is one of the first Aspen resorts to close for lift served skiing.  That being said, ASC has reopened it for a few weekends late in the season.  Highlands bowl has some north facing shots; those will be good late in the season. The trees are good as well as anything north facing.  I've skied Highlands closing weekend, and it was great skiing.



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 I already answered your questions in the lift thread. But here goes again.


It's generally very good.  The G zones and Northwoods are true north facing and will typically hold mid winter snow all year. Then the bowl wraps around 180 degrees with mostly east and some southern exposures.  The Bowl almost always has the best snow in the valley, but it takes even the best skiers an hour to lap the G's.


If you haven't been the Highlands in a while, you'll really like the improvements. The new lifts are really nice, plus Mack and Ron have opened a bunch of new terrain.


I like the fact that I can ski full sun exposures top to bottom late in the day.



ASC used to close Highland's first because of overcapacity.  Now they are closing it last on 4/22 and Aspen/Snowmass 4/15.

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Last year the bowl was skiing amazing up to the last day. Spring conditions for sure but we were skiing blower pow in the northwoods late into april.


I don't think you will be disappointed. Nice pic of the old lift!



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Tx guys for the skinny. Looks like Aprill 22nd is closing day for Highlands, so I'll let Mutha Nature dictate my fortune when the trip comes around.


Another pic from way back when. Met this fella at the shuttle stop back to town. Notice his newly rockered Dynamics.


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do you have any other pics for the Old Aspen Highlands base area?

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Lloyd, nothing more of the old base area, but I have what I think is the old patrol shack up top of the double. See if this looks right to you.


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that is the cloud 9 restaurant. thanks

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Shred, I tried that once in a mogul field at Killington way back when, only to find out 25 years later that I crunched my C1. ;-)


Lloyd, I didn't think it looked high enough, Aspen would have to be in the background. tx

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I remember a trip my wife and I made in the early 80"s to HighLands. Ate at the top and watched the show the ski patrol put on jumping over the picnic tables etc. That was an old nasty lift back then that took you to the top. Lodges Peak Lift was it. Seemed like you were right at the very edge of the cliff going up and loved the part when the cable went down hill along the way.

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Roundturns, as a kid I lived in McMurray a few years on Old Oak Rd.. If you are 56 or so, we may know each other....otherwise, small world.

Pleasant Valley Elementary for 5th & 6th grade, you can do the math.


Al K.

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LOL, since this thread seems to be morphing into "remembrances of Highlands past", anyone have one of these?  The "Highlander" was the one where the pass was really cheap but you had to validate the first few (15?) times you used it, maybe for $15 each time.



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