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Skis for my 2 year old

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I am looking for 67 to 70cm skis for my little guy. He'll be 28 months come ski season and I am hoping to find something that will be a good fit for his small stature. 

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Hi mmbackman


I got these dynastar skis for a friends little girl a few years ago.  She was just 14 months old and it worked out well for her.



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Hey there! I have a 2 year old this year that will be ripping around. Glad to find this thread. I'll look at the dynastar skis. Thanks. Any boot ideas?

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!5.5 is the smallest they make, the shell length is 16.5 though.  At that age, they will be fine .

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TC, any idea if that 14.0 is that small of a shell or not?  Good info to know, I was told 15.5 was the smallest, I haven't actually had a customer looking to go that small yet.  Thanks.

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I've used the Head RX 5 boot in a 14.5 for my little one.  It worked well enough.  The boot is actually longer than that.  Inside, the liner is short and there's a "toe stop" on the zeppa.  I got them at levelninesports.com.


Head also makes some 67cm skis, available at L9 as well.  I paired these with the above boots and my little girl did pretty well.  She was 3 at the time, but was the size of most 2 year olds.


The RX 5 is a rear-entry.  If you want a "proper" boot, Dalbello makes the Menace 1 (or Gaia1 for girls) in a 14.5.  My little one used this in a 15.5 after outgrowing the RX 5.  Fine boot for its niche.


You can get tiny Eurosock Ski Supremes from skicenter.com in XXXXS.  That's what we used.

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Dave, IIRC the Nordica is the only boot to go that small.  If you were told 15 was the smallest, then its possible that was the size range of that particular manufacturer.


I believe there is a thread here where Epic and Whiteroom discussed this a few years ago.  I'll see if I can find it.


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The Nordy is a great kid's boot for that age. The Dalbello 14.5 seems to be the same size as everybody else's 15.5. As for skis, the Dynastar/Rossi 67cm ski is really good. It's nice that it has little scales on the bottom because the little guys get really frustrated when they are slipping backwards.

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All good info guys,  thanks.    Dave

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My 2yr old twins like the Nordica with the rear entry.  They are easy to get a tight fit with not too much hassle. But when my little girl started at 2 she liked the Alpina, also rear entry.  Not sure if at 2 the foot is different between girls and boys.  But the rear entry is best. 

Good luck and I highly recommend a ski harness!


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