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Sedas ski boots

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I heard Sedas/Comformable has entered the ski boots market, and have brought out a new ski boot with Salomon, based on a modified "X-Wave" model.


Anyone got more detail on this?


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Speaking for myself don't know the first thing about it.  Can you tell us more?



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it is called the black project, the shell is either an impact or an X3 shell (both are available) NOT custom shell and all the hardware is bolt on so it can be removed, moved or adjusted easily, the cuff can be dismounted to make it easy to get in and grind the forefoot (remember it is not custom shell so some plastic to grind).... the shell is supplied with a conformable foam liner and a blank for a conformable footbed


so all in all nicely packaged, great if the boot is a good shape for your foot but it doesn't offer anything more than what is out there already



one last thing, it comes with a sticker saying "custom made for me at XXX* ski shop"   ( *your shop name there)

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in canada, it also has a intuition liner option as well. 


Nice to see a non-CS shell, and a boot that is like lego out of the box too.   remove everything, and re-build as you need too.  Not new, but nicely packaged.   Luo:  we will have them in soul (old ski stop) in banff

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