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Making my own snowboard...

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any helpful tips will be much appreciated.

I am thinking of doing out of carbon fiber and poplar wood for the core and the edges out of p-tex and that metal edging.

i dont know where to get p-tex or the metal edging all i can find is the p-tex repair stick which i just learned from "racewax" that they are not a good substitute and are differnt from the real thing.

i am searching for these products and do not really know what to search for other than the word p-tex.

has anyone here made their own before?

what is that metal edging called?

and where can i buy p-tex?


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I'd bet Kyle would have some good advice.  He made some really nice skis for some of our members and even did one pair for


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thanks guys, gave me some good advice. i finally found some sintered bases' and steel edges on

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anyone know why the boards are always pressed together?


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