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Sunday river & Bethel info?

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Road Scholar (aka Elderhostel) has a five day program listed at Sunday River 12/19 to 12/23 - a.m. instruction, room & board, other seminars described here:


I'm considering it as a  replacement for the late, lamented ESA Stowe, especially since I may be able to lure my Natick, MA buddies along. Since they open in October, I'm thinking SR might be in pretty good shape just before Xmas. True? My main question involves the lodging, at the Bethel Inn, all meals included. Opinions? According to Tripadvisor, at least, the Inn sounds a little tired. How's the food? How about the drive to parking?

I know bbinder must have some opinions.

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Well, OK.  I have never stayed/eaten at the Bethel Inn, but friends of mine have -- they neither complained nor raved, so it will probably be fine.  The drive to the mountain from Bethel is easy, approx 10 minutes, and parking is plentiful.  I believe that SR started running a shuttle to Bethel during the winter months, so you may not have to drive at all.


Before ESA, I used to go to SR every December.  I may go there this year, but Jon is pushing for a trip to Stowe in December, for 'old times sake'.

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The skiing at Sunday River should be set up pretty good by then. Once it gets cold, they will pound the snowmaking to build up the base. I have skied there at least 20 days a year for the past five years and it's amazing how fast the can cover the mountain.

I don't have any knowledge of how the Bethel Inn is. Sounds like a pretty good deal though.

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Conditions should be good. I walked through the Bethel Inn a couple of years ago and it seemed OK but worn, I haven't stayed there. The drive from Bethel to the mountain is easy and parking is not bad.

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