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Pilgrims vs. Prophet 90's - and others

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Hola rippers,


I know the P90's carve well, but the construction of the Pilgrims makes me think they hold a better edge. Has anyone skied both? Also, how are the Pilgrims on switch?




(And In case someone wants to help me pick new skis...)


I'm getting some up-to-date boards this year. I live on the East Coast with lots of ice and 6'2" at 180lbs, about 180 on a ski. I'm getting into amateur slalom but fun is still my focus: I want a twin tip, all-mountain ski. I don't care about winning, just being competitive. I play on trails and dip into the trees, so some carving skis with powder ability would be ideal. Typical day: 10% park, no rails or boxes (I really want to learn to do a hand drag, but probably not possible on a carving ski)


Also, I like the idea of a tapered tail and camber with rocker design. From what I've read, I don't want capped skis.


My criteria:

  • Maximum 92 waist
  • Functional twin tips
  • Good carvers
  • Slalom friendly, but obviously not purpose built
  • Some playability (I'd love some butter zone but I'll wait for my second pair for that.)



Other considerations:

  Volkl: Kendo

  Line: Chronics - [not the blend] I love the '12 art. (Why are they ABS/sidewall and not capped?)

  Armada: Alpha 1

                El Rey

                Triumph - any know how well these carve and go switch?


Let me know if I'm barking up the wrong trees with the P90 and pilgrim. All feedback is greatly appreciated!



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Hi, Welcome to EpicSki.


I have not skied the Line Prophet 90, but I've skied the Celebrity 90 (women's version) and the Pilgrim.    IMHO the Celeb 90 was a bit more nimble and playful, where the Pilgrim is a little bit more powerful.



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Thanks a lot for the response and the welcome! I've really enjoyed reading the forums, great info.


I see that the P90 and Celeb 90 have same face dimensions, but different sidecuts for gender weight differences, i assume. Did you feel like the Pilgrims could be a casual slalom ski? Some reviews say they're extremely nimble but hearing that they're solid from you is reassuring for high speeds.

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I didn't really take the Pilgrims at high speeds, and keep in mind I was comparing to most of the women's specific skis that I was demoing at the time. 

I wouldn't say that the Pilgrim isn't nimble.   Just that, comparing it to the Celebrity 90, the Pilgrim felt like it was a bit more RAWR when encountering crud.



Hoping that someone who's skied it can weigh in as well, to give you a better comparison.



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Cool. I read the same thing about the P90 before they put metal plates in it... might be what the Celeb is missing. Thanks a lot.

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I fingered some Pilgrims this weekendduck.gif


They seemed like nice skis

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^ Heh.  They are nice skis, in fact they're very nice skis.  And I've skied them, but I'm not a racer or a parkster and I haven't skied the Prophet 90s so I don't feel like I can give an answer to the OP that would address his concerns.  I think he wants a lot from one ski - something that does both park and racing very well and also carving and powder and tapered tail and rocker.  That covers a lot of territory, some of it kind of contradictory.  It might have been easier to just type "quiver of one."


FWIW, I found the Pilgrim to be very stable with great edge control, and beautifully made.  

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Malazan... I've only played footsie with my skis.


Bob, thanks for the input. I agree, I'm asking too much from one pair. I'm really just trying to find a really versatile carving ski. I'm not expecting a great park ski by any means. Other reviews I read came to the same conclusion as you... I've even heard them deemed "great, all-round slalom ski."

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