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Elan Mystic Fusion 2011/2012

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I borrowed my wifes skis the other day and really enjoyed using them - here is my take on them

These Elan Mystic with fusion integrated binding are about 8 weeks old and have done about 7 days. They use the waveflex construction which claims to allow a flexible ski but with good torsional strength


L 146

122 73 102

R could not find - guess 12 ish

Camber traditional

Partial sidewall (approx 1/2 the length of the ski)

Binding: Integrated Fusion.

Mount Point: Suggested



Mt Cheeseman in the Craigeburn Range (foothills of the Southern alps near(ish) to Christchurch, New Zealand


No of runs: Maybe 20-25


Conditions: Groomed trails and wind packed powder some of it a bit crusty. Steeper runs chopped up club snow (like above but quite variable). Spring snow on the more northern aspects.Overall a bit firm early but softened up to good skiing.


Terrain: Open with no trees. Good variety of slopes. Short runs so make lots of turns if you want your moneys worth. No one else there for an hour or so so not at all crowded


T Bars for lifts


Tester Info:

Username - Balderick

12 Days this season so far

Age - 56

Fitness Level - Reasonable (lots of waterskiing in the summer)

Years Skiing - 30+

Height/Wt  166cm and 64kg

Moderate fast but with finesse rather than strength

Current Quiver: Volkl 5 star supersport 168cm. Salomon Axendo 190cm. I guess we dont count old skinnys right?

Home Area: This is it

Terrain:Prefer 70% off piste 30% on




I really enjoyed skiing these. Although they are probably too short for me I felt at home right away. They feel strong and steady when trying to hold a true carve and turn shape/size is variable (In a good way). Brushed/skidded turns are easy even off piste and edge hold seemed solid on the one shiny bit I found. I didnt get anywhere near a speed limit for them.


Venturing over to A Basin and truly variable conditions they felt even better - I am not sure how to describe it, but they encouraged a good wide stance and were better to ski on the steeps than my Volkls. I suspect it was the short length. The ride is nice and damp but not dead feeling. Crud doesnt seem to upset tracking. I thought the outside edge of the uphill ski grabbed a bit on one occasion while traversing at reasonable speed across some windblown crusty snow, but that only happened once.


On the narrower homeward trails they were easy to short swing and lots of fun. Easy to go from gentle brushing to  harder edging close to the fall line at speed.


The ideal position seems to be pretty much centred, but they were quite forgiving if I went back too far and allowed an easy correction.



Pros: Very enjoyable ski for typical NZ conditions. My wifes skiing has improved very quickly on these. I believe any advanced skier would enjoy them for most resort / off piste use. Although in theory they were too short for me they actually felt very secure on groomers at speed but then performed exceptionally well off piste. Lotsa fun for the old & Grey without wearing him out.


Cons: None really. Fronts got a wee bit buried in the deeper stuff once but shouldnt be surprised right? I imagine at the correct length that would not be an issue. Except in deep powder and they aren't pretending to be targeting that area.


Moderation: Remember I have not skied many modern skis so to some degree this review may be of limited value.


I cant decide if it is the shorter length that made them so much fun, or the easier flex. (compared to the 5 stars). Suspect a combination both...









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I had a pair of Elan Wave Spice a few years ago.  Really liked them, but never got them back after I loaned them to my little sister.  She still skis them today.

(well, not TODAY, but in the winter. )

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another day another Elan ski


Today it was the Elan Amphibio Waveflex 12 168cm with fusion bindings of metal. Heavy. The amphibio range has right and left marked skis with the inside edge fully cambered and the outside edge slightly rockered. This demo ski was probably one size longer than ideal for my size/skills/style. 73mm underfoot and 14m radius. Dimensionally similar to the Mystic.


At Cheeseman today the snow was challenging - Either the groomed, or an inch of powder over refrozen chop/tracked/lumps, and occasionally slightly deeper pockets.


Feels heavy and damp, which was good today. Good edge hold and seems to make whatever turn style you want - Hard aggresive or easy feathering style whether on groomed or that other stuff I mentioned. actually, considering the crap we were skiing off piste, I have to give it credit for being very user friendly on difficult snow. Turn initiation is easy and the ski gave me a lot of confidence in the crud. I don't think I have skied nasty snow like that anywhere near as fast as I did today.


On the groomed it is a great ski - You can do whatever you want


Cant say how it goes in deep snow and probably doesn't matter too much to us. Although with my weight on top I suspect it would not have disgraced itself.(unlike the pilot on occasion)


Summary - Pros - Edge hold, versatility re turn radius, damp enough to save you (somewhat) from the leg bashing terrain, confidence inspiring crud performance.


Cons - Just the heavy feel which goes away once you get moving. Not a real fun feel to it, but at one size smaller I suspect might have been more playful?


Last word - If the snow had been easier I could quite possibly now be raving about how great this ski is. Guess we will never know.






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