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Tyrolia experts needed

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Two quick questions: Do any of the Tyrolia plates below the racing version have metal in them? Especially thinking of the 13. Next, are the current Fischer versions of the Mojo 15, which have a 13 DIN, still using the diagonal heel? They list that but didn't think Tyrolia made any heel over 12 as a diagonal. Finally, I cannot get a reliable fix on wbether tbe Pro heel is purely upward release or must lift a few mm before going diagonal + heavier springs than LD. Thanks.
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I'm no Tyrolia expert but I thought I'd bump this so someone who is may see it.


That's all the help I ambiggrin.gif

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Not an expert by any means, but I can tell you that the Z13 bindings on my Fischer Motive 84's are of course 13 DIN and have the Diagonal heal release. If there is anything else I can look at or try to answer for you, let me know.

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The Fischer/Tyrollia X13 wide 97 or 115mm come with the diagonal heel. The X17 130mm brake has the burly, fixed all metal heel.

That said, since fischer simply paints up a tyrollia binding, the peak 15,18 uses the race diagonal, while the peak 12 gives you the full diagonal heel, but with more plastic. 

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Thanks, all. Appears that the Mojo 12 = X13. Any ideas about the plates? I have a couple of the older 9mm, and they're all plastic, except for a few bits around the holes. Assume same for the new versions, just more rubber. But the illustration for the 13 mm at Tyrolia's site shows a mid-section that might or might not be metal. (Of course, the normal thing to do would be to contact Tyrolia. Except that there's no way to do that unless you're a dealer. Or go look in a store, except that there are no Tyrolia dealers anywhere near, and even when there were, the last time I actually saw a Tyrolia plate for sale was 1997. For a large company that sells zillions of bindings, they're a well-kept secret in the U.S.)  

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No metal on any Tyrolia plates, racing or otherwise. Some of the plates are metallized on the surface, but they're a composite material underneath.

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Excellent, Squawker. Many thanks. 


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