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Blizzard 8.1 (2011) vs. Atomic Blackeye TI (2010)

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Found good deals on these two skis (2011 8.1 and 2010 Atomic).  Both are used demos.


Can anyone comment on how these skis matchup from a performance perspective?  I am looking at the Blizzard in 172 (81 mm waist) and the Atomic in a 171 (79 mm waist)?  Wondering about which is more the more advanced ski (less forgiving), stiffness, weight, edge hold etc.  I am an intermediate skier hoping to advance.  6'0" 180.  One concern I have is that these will be too advanced and that I should drop down to something like the Blizzard Mag 7.6.  Exclusively East Coast.


Thanks in advance!



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Blizzards will be stiffer, bit less forgiving, IMO more upside as you improve. Blackeye is a good ski. 8.1 is a great ski.
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Unless you weigh over 200 lbs, the Blackeye will be more responsive and less burly.  It holds hardpack well and is quite versatile.  They both reward good technique and neither suffer sloppiness gladly. The Mag 7.6 is an excellent alternative if you want to spend 80+% of your time on piste.  If you want to spend more time off piste, you'll probably be very happy with the Blackeye.  It won't beat you up.

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If I get the 2011 Blackeye (82mm waist) my options are 167 or 174.  Do you think the 174s are too long considering i am an intermediate *level 6 or so) moving from a 10 year old rental ski (62mm waist in a 168)?

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What about a Blizzard 7.6 170? The folks at realskiers rave about them. They are priced like an intermediate ski, but are alleged to ski many levels above their price point. Just what I've read. YMMV. My main point is this, if you're a level 6, you want a ski that you can grow into, but not a ski that is so stiff that it inhibits that growth.



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I agree that the 7.6 in a 170 would be a great ski.  I am looking at 2011 demos and leftovers and thus far I havent found a really good deal on that ski....seems like there are more 2011 Atomics available (trying to stay under $350).


Would the shorter Blackeye (167) be more forgiving for my skill level (in other words, if I am buying too much ski, should I size down to offset the stiffness)?  I am 6' 180. 

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There's a reason why more Atomics out there, but I digress. At your size, a 167 will hold you back as you advance. Which you stated you hoped to do. Get the next size up. If it isn't available, reason for that too. 

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I think the 8.1 at your size would be a great ski to grow with. IMO the 7.6 would be good for now but you may out ski it due to your size. I currently have it as a frontside ski but am only 5'7 and around 160. If you are only planning to buy one ski, then the 8.1 will serve you well.   Dave               P.S.  probably in a 170 length would suit you

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Thanks for all of the informative responses.  I pulled the trigger on the 2011 Blizzard 8.1 demos in a 172.  I got an awesome deal (less than $350 with shipping).  I think the Blackeyes would have been a good safe choice but I was really hoping to find the Blizzards in my price range.


I guess my wife and I are a Blizzard family now...she got the Viva 7.4s a few weeks ago.


Now we just need some snow.....

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icon14.gif Good call, both on skis and snow.

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Good call, give us some reviews when the time comes.

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