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"A Downhill Affair" short film trailer

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For over two years I've been working with the producers of the award winning film Return of The Nina on an upcoming feature film that will be focused on why people give up the comforts of their lives to pursue their passion in often dangerous endeavors.

The first thing we have to show is a short film entered in the Banff Film Festival, sponsored by Outdoor Research - "A Downhill Affair."

This film will be released on Oct. 10. It is about skiers Zack Giffin and Molly Baker and is not a "stoke" ski movie, but a personal look at the lives of these world-class skiers. Of course there is great skiing footage in it as well.

The trailer is up for now, please take a look.

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Very cool, Steve!

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Looks very interesting!


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Thanks, I'll post a link on epic when the film is released. It's 12 minutes long.
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What a beautiful trailer - great scenery and skiers . Congratulations !
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Still a week away from the web premiere, but the exciting news is the film was selected as a finalist at the upcoming Banff Mountain Film Festival, screening Nov. 2nd.

If we win it will be a huge help in raising money for the feature film!
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Film is released, here it is:
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Loved it, no stoke, yahoo.


As I understand your project involves all sorts of amazing adventures and endevours, but gee, I would like to see a full length movie built around the likes of Molly Baker { what a great name ] and Zack and people like them.


How about it Mango, do a feature length on skiers like them.


I'm a lot older than Zack, but still found some of his comments very profound and gave me reason for reflection.


Good one Mango

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I watched the trailer...  Well done SMJ. 

I don't want to watch the actual film till I am home & can plug it into the big screen.



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I just watched the film a few minutes ago and really enjoyed it, a great combination of "hey watch this" and philosophical thought.

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I have to say, If there is people sliding on snow then the stoke is inherent.

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Screening at the Banff Mountain Film Festival tonight. Winners announced Sunday!
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Cool film, nicely done. Pretty typical love affair on skis.  I've been in a few of them over the years.  They don't last that long but they're fun while they do. She'll end up wanting something more stable and secure and he'll end up cowboying into the wild blue yonder searching for that next rad line.  And so it goes.

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