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Know any Instructors at Crystal (WA)?

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Anyone know any instructors that will be at Crystal (WA) this season (and would recommend them)?  I don't see any listed.  Will likely be taking 5-8 half day lessons throughout the season.  One or two will be with my 6 y/o daughter who is rapidly advancing - I did that once last year and picked up a lot of little drills for her that she actually enjoys doing (actually have trouble stopping her from repeatedly doing that flat sliding 360 thing anytime she gets on a gentle slope redface.gif).  She will also be doing a group multi-week.  I am a level 6-7 as near as I can tell.  I would like to work on improving in the moderately steep and deep when not with her.  Had a great instructor last year for a single lesson in Feb (don't remember his name but he told me he was moving to california anyway), he was the one who took me over to the northway lift (more advanced terrain at Crystal).  Before that I had never gone back there as I was uncertain if I could get back out - after that lesson I spent 80% of my time playing back there for the rest of the season.


Neither my daughter nor I have any preference for male/female.  Daughter is a really happy kid and takes instruction very well.



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Well I did find a partial answer and will post it here in case anyone else searches for the same thing.




Seems like they have several quality instructors (fairly impressive CV's in any case).  I am a little confused as I thought that Crystal had booted independent instructors.

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Yes, Crystal Mt chose to close all the Concession Ski Schools a few years ago but they retained a couple of niche groups and the SnowPerformance group was one of them. Gavin is the primary contact and runs the organization.

Gavin (et al) provide Instructor Training and Cert-Prep for Divisional Certification as well as lessons to the public. The instructors on his resource page are actually scattered all over the PNW and generally come to work for him only at planned Local Camps or Destination Camps/Adventures. Still, there are a few on that list who are local to Crystal and provide private lessons or weekly group lessons at Crystal throughout the season. (as does Gavin himself)

All instructors that Gavin deploys are top-notch instructors as well as being top-notch skiers. I've skied in clinics with a number of them (including Gavin) and know many others who ski with him every season. (And people returning 10+ years in a row is probably a good indicator of quality...)

I'd highly recommend sending an email to Gavin and let him know exactly what you'd like. Chances are he has something ideal for you - or knows exactly who to contact at Crystal to arrange exactly what you'd like.

Also, I've no doubt Crystal employs a lot of rock solid Instructors within their own resident ski school so you might send an email to Crystal for a list of names. Gavin also knows most of them and could point you in the right direction.

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