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What price range should I expect?

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I plan on getting a pair of boots this season... Probably in December or January.

I'm probably considered an intermediate skier. I like staying on blacks and bumps, and challenging terrain. I'm 5'5" 130lbs.

I'm very athletic and my fundamentals and skills are probably nowhere near what I'm willing to actually ski.

I apologize if I've left any info out, but I'm not sure what else you would need to make a recommendation.


I would like a reasonably good boot..maybe 25%-middle range of quality and features.

What price range should I expect for a local brick and mortar shop in the Atlanta area?






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Based on some research... it seems like $300 should be an acceptable price range, especially since there seems to be a lot of higher end boots on sale at that point as long as my size is available.

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here are some random thoughts on boot price and quality........


turn off your computer, and go to a boot fitter near where skiing takes place.


your research has to include physically going into a ski shop and trying on models. in your size and performance range.


price, color, brand name, what friends have, what the shop guy tells you before trying on the boots, what experts here on epic say......all of these things will not help you to buy a boot that matches your needs. only your foot, your skiing story, and your cashflow will put you in the right boot.


ask the question "why don't the ski magazines have boot reviews on boots that are priced below $450.00"?


as the question "why does my local ski shop in atlanta not sell any boots above $450.00"?


ask the question "how good a boot can you buy for $300.00.


ask the question "should i buy the perfect boot for my needs right now, while there is the best selection of models, fits, and pricing in the supply chain, or should i wait until deeper into the season when the choice will be limited and picked over even though some of them might be on sale"?


if you are a casual skier that does not want to improve your skiing, skis only occasionally, only has $300 to spend on ski boots, and does not care about performance or fit, you could probably fulfill your needs for $300.00.


if any of the above criteria does not describe your situation, i would keep asking more questions and do your boot research with your feet.




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I'm not certain if Jim puts a lot of thought into his answers before typing or the words just really flow that easily.  If the latter I'm really impressed.  For the most part I rarely disagree with his advice but I'll take exception this time.  I can't know sales prices here and I'll say I don't know much about the skiing in Atlanta, but I did once attend the Miami ski show and while I didn't learn anything about ski gear they did host a tremendous fashion show of gorgeous women clothed almost exclusively in either mink or seal.  


Here I can only talk retail prices and I'll say that while Jim is willing to give MINIMAL CREDENCE to the acceptability of a $300 boot I'll give none.  Although I do think you could use them as flower pots and typically the sales staff advising (I use the word loosely) at a store that abounds with $300 boots will probably have an amount of knowledge equal to that which a flower pot has.



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